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How to Make a Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Add some festive flair to your front door for Easter with this plastic Easter egg wreath! It’s colorful, fun, inexpensive, and easy to create.

I love decorating for Easter. The bright colors are so fun to work with. Plus, you can’t go wrong with adding adorable little bunnies to your vignettes. This year I decided to make a fun wreath using plastic Easter eggs to decorate my front door.

plastic easter egg wreath

I created this fun plastic Easter egg wreath using a foam wreath form, plastic Easter eggs and Easter grass from Target, festive wired ribbon, and hot glue. It’s a very simple and inexpensive wreath to create. A foam wreath form typically costs $5, the ribbon is $6, Target’s eggs are only $3 per bag and the grass is $1. Altogether this wreath only cost me $18 to create! That’s an excellent price for a wreath this large.

It’s fairly simple to create the wreath as well. Just glue layers of plastic eggs to the wreath form, fill in the gaps between the eggs with Easter grass, and finish it off with a bow. To save time, you could also purchase a large Easter bow.

This wreath makes a large statement on your front door and will definitely grab the Easter Bunny’s attention!

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Make Your Own Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

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Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

This wreath is incredibly simple to create. Hot glue plastic eggs horizontally around the outside of the wreath form. Arrange the colors in a repeating pattern. My wreath pattern was red, green, dark blue, orange, pink, and light blue.

After the outer layer is finished, add another layer. This layer should be attached to both the top of the wreath form and the first layer of plastic eggs. Alternate the colors, so the same colors aren’t stacked on top of each other. Then attach another layer of eggs to the top of the wreath form. This row goes next to the second row.

Add another layer of plastic eggs over the second and third rows. This fills in the wreath more. And it helps cover areas where the wreath form peeks through. Finally, add eggs to the inner ring of the wreath form.

Once all of the plastic eggs are added to the wreath, it’s time to add the bow!

Creating a Large Wreath Bow

This wreath looks best with a large colorful bow on top. I used a wired polka dot ribbon from Celebrate It’s Easter collection. Decide how large you want your bow. Then measure it out on your crafting service and mark it with tape. I decided to make my bow 14.”

Start the bow by unrolling the ribbon in 14″ sections without cutting. Every 14 inches, fold the ribbon in half and unroll another 14 inches of ribbon in the opposite direction. Do this about twelve times. When finished, you should have 12 layers of continuous ribbon stacked on top of each other.

Pinch the ribbon together in the center and twist it once. Secure the twist with a pipe cleaner.

Wrap a short length of ribbon around the pipe cleaner. Then separate each loop of the bow. Twist each loop in alternating directions and fluff the loops out.

Next, measure out another 14 inches of ribbon. Fold either end of the ribbon into the center. Pinch the ribbon together in the center and secure it with a pipe cleaner.

Cut a 12-inch length of ribbon and tie it around the small bow. Then, use the pipe cleaners to attach the second bow to the center of the first large bow. The layered bows make both of the bows appear fuller.

Finally, attach a loop of ribbon around the top of the Easter egg wreath. This loop is the wreath hanger. Attach the large bow to the ribbon loop using pipe cleaners and hot glue.

Fill in the Gaps

After the bow is attached, use colorful Easter grass to fill in the gaps between the plastic eggs. This step is only necessary on the front of the wreath. The Easter grass hides the spaces where the wreath form peeks through. It also helps the wreath appear more full.

easter egg wreath

Hang this fun plastic Easter egg wreath on your front door, or as part of your Easter home decor. It’s a colorful and fun addition!

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  1. I’m always so impressed by your different wreaths and how creative they all are! You think of things I’ve never seen before and you’re constantly giving me inspiration to try them myself. So cute!

  2. Okay this is adorable! I actually have “make a spring wreath” on my to do list haha! An Easter one would be even better! I might have to do this with my niece – thanks for the idea!


  3. What a beautiful Easter wreath, friend! I’ve always wanted to make one of these!

    Make Life Marvelous

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