Hey Girl.

I love all the clever, hilarious people that I’ve met through blogging. And some of the most hilarious people I’ve met had an awesome idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day: Let’s brag on our husbands and make some Hey Girl. memes about all the great things they do for us on a daily basis, at least that’s what I thought. 😉hey_girl_link_party_thumb[2]

My wonderful husband unfortunately bowed out at the last minute, something about his handsome face going viral and the memes haunting him for the rest of the his life 😉 So I went for the next best thing, Han Solo, but I chose sayings that my husband has actually done for me. han solo hey girlLike remembering to take pictures of projects when I’m not home. han solo breakfast hey girlOr how he makes breakfast, specifically pancakes, for me every Saturday morning while I sleep in. hansolo hey girlHe also let’s me catch up on my shows and have me time, even when there are chores to be done.han solo grasscloth hey girlAnd of course the best thing ever is when he agrees with my interior design choices for the house without much of an argument. 😉

Whether his face is on the memes or not, nobody does a better Hey Girl. than my Jesse! But he may let me post one or two of his face on Instagram if we all ask nicely 😉

I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with! Check out Decor and the Dog, Two Twenty One, View Along the Way, Domestic Imperfection or Bliss Ranch for more awesome spousal memes! 🙂

Are you participating in this linky party? If not, you have until Valentine’s Day to do so, join us! 


  1. Kristen | Popcorn on the Stove

    Hahaha this is AMAZING! I didn’t get to finish mine last night but I think it’s obvious what I’ll be doing tonight 🙂

  2. I can totally tell who the nice wives are. Me. Not so much. 😛

    And grasscloth WOULD look perfect in your dining room. 🙂

  3. Lame, Jesse, really lame. Good thing Harrison Ford could step in for you.

    Brad caught me writing today’s post last night and was all “What are you doing?” I tried to mask his view, but he saw it. Then he proceeded to tell me that I’m “f’ing ridiculous”. Can’t blame the guy, because I am f’ing ridiculous.

  4. Amy@BuffaloRoam

    Bahahaha! Awesome.

  5. OH … we were supposed to get permission!?!?! 😉

  6. Well I do love me some Harrison Ford, in fact, now I’m thinking of a young Harrison IN grasscloth.


  7. Hey, I’ll take a Han Solo stand in any day! Haha! I especially like ‘Why don’t you sleep in while I make you breakfast?’ ….I’m gonna have to pointedly share that one with my guy 😉

  8. Awesome pictures & perfect Hey Girl sayings on them! Yes, I’ve joined in (not sure what my husband is going to say! lol) and I’m having so much fun reading all the wonderful links!
    Debbie 🙂

  9. I agree…grass cloth rocks! 😉

  10. Loved this! You got yourself a keeper for sure!

  11. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    lol! I’m with Michelle, you are a nice wife! I’m still waiting for Kevin to get mad at me. oops.

  12. wow, your husband looks like a movie star 😉 Love it!

  13. Jess @ Little House. Big Heart.

    There sure are some amazing husbands floating around these blogs this morning!

    Kev and Jesse must talk; Kev makes me breakfast every Saturday (espresso and cinnamon rolls) and always takes pics for the blog for me. 🙂 We’re lucky ladies!!

  14. Jess @ Little House. Big Heart.

    This is why you wait and do this when you hubs in on a business trip to MN and he can’t say anything about it until the deed is done. Muhahaha. 😉

  15. Lol, this made me laugh out loud. I can totally relate!

  16. I meant to respond to Chelsea in that above comment, but I think I hit the wrong reply button. Anyway, I love these, especially the one about your husband taking blog photos! Adam has done that on a few occasions (so sweet!), but each time the pics turned out so terrible that I couldn’t use them, lol. At least he tries!

  17. If he could see all the husbands being adored all over the blogosphere today, he’d be totally jealous and regret having to pull in Hans Solo as a second-rate stand-in. 🙂 These are hilarious!! Thanks so much for the laugh and for sharing!

  18. these are awesome!!!! han solo building me a table, or wallpapering my wall, yeah i’d go for that!

  19. So funny! Love this link party!

  20. Amazing! I love that you used a hubby stand in. I just used pictures where my hubby’s face was kind of blocked.

  21. Hee hee! I love these! Han Solo is the BEST. Too funny!


  22. Hahahahah this made my day! AMAZING.

  23. LOVE this idea. I might just have to join in…

  24. Would have loved to have seen Jesse as a meme but, of course, Hans Solo makes a good meme as well. These are hilarious. Loved the grasscloth wall paper.

  25. Whitney @ drab to fab

    Hahahaha I love them!! btw, so you are going with grasscloth wallpaper?!! Awesome!!

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