Hello 2016 – 2015 Year in Review

A 2015 year in review of one of the hardest years of my life. It was full of death and miscarriage, but also the joy of pregnancy.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone’s holidays were full of joy and fun!

My husband and I both had off from Christmas Eve through January 1st. We were very productive with our time. I started “nesting” aka, I went through closets and put together a very large Goodwill donation. You gotta squeeze that last deduction in before the new year! πŸ˜‰

My husband worked on getting his office ready to move so we could start the nursery. Now we are ready for painting, moving furniture and probably more purging over the next few months. With our time off we also had a spa day, went out to eat a lot and had a few relaxing vacation days.

We spent New Years Eve at home, where we struggled to stay up until midnight and had popcorn instead of champagne. That time on the couch definitely gave me a lot more time to reflect on the past year than most other New Year’s. 2015 was definitely not my favorite year. It was pretty dark for me as we tried to conceive and I struggled with being stuck in a job I didn’t really care about. I faced some criticism on the blog toward the end of 2014 which affected me more than I wanted it to and on top of already being pretty down it zapped me of my creative mojo. Not having that hobby definitely didn’t help my mood, but it’s hard to care when you’re just not in the mood.

On top of all of those feelings in April we lost one of my uncles unexpectedly, suffered a miscarriage in early July, and then lost another of my uncles to cancer in October. I’ve never experienced so much loss in such a short amount of time and it was rough. But in the midst of all that, we got pregnant with our precious baby girl at the end of July. She truly is a beacon of hope to what otherwise would have been a very dark year. She also serves as a reminder that in the midst of all the difficulties of this past year, there were also some happy times. And when I say reminder, I mean she has a tendency to kick me extra hard when I get too bummed out. It’s like she’s saying “Cheer up mom! It wasn’t all bad!”

In light of that I wanted to do a 2015 year in review of the happy things, now that I’ve gotten all the sads out.

2015 Year in Review


I turned 26 and celebrated my birthday with great friends. We also got to meet several of our friends brand new babies.

January Memory


We celebrated Jesse’s birthday and Valentine’s Day. We also got a fairly large amount of snow and went sledding and built a snowman.

February snowman


I accomplished two goals off my bucket list, so this was a really good month. Jesse and I met Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional at a small show with his new band Twin Forks. I also ran my first 10k with an average mile of 10 1/2 minute miles. This is actually something that I would love to do again after I recover from birthing Baby Girl.

10k complete


Jesse and I celebrated our 4th year of marriage. For my anniversary gift Jesse surprised me with tickets to see Bryan Adams in Raleigh, NC. This was another item off my bucket list and it was a phenomenal show.

Bryan Adams


I went to a bachelorette party, which is always a good time. We also had help getting all of the tile in our guest bathroom laid. It looks so good! I got Jesse tickets to see Garrison Keeler do a recording of Prairie Home Companion, one of his bucket list items.

Garrison Keeler


Jesse and I took a week long vacation to go to a wedding in the Outer Banks. All of our friends were there and it was a grand time. We also went VIP to a Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind show, where we met Chris Carrabba again. We also went with friends to Smith Mountain Lake and spent a weekend swimming, jet skiing and wishing we had a lake house. Another of our friends also gave birth to a precious baby in the middle of the month.

June Memory


We hosted our 3rd annual 4th of July party, which had an action hero theme. I was Lara Croft and Jesse was John McClane from Die Hard. We visited with family on the Eastern Shore one weekend.Β We also did Paint Nite, which was a ton of fun. On the last day of the month, we found out we were expecting Baby Girl!

lara croft costume


My work hosted a day at Busch Gardens for all of the employees. Since I couldn’t ride anything we gorged on food and saw all of the shows.

August Memory


We had our first and second ultrasounds to see Baby Girl. One of our friends scored us tickets to watch the World Cycling Championship from a VIP tent, which was a truly awesome experience. We also announced our pregnancy and entered the second trimester. Jesse also got a new job, with a promotion.

UCI World Cycling Championship


One of my best friends from college got married in mid-October and our old college group was reunited for the first time in two years.

October wedding


We found out that we were having a girl, not a boy like we had originally thought. I saw the Newsies with girlfriends. I felt Baby Girl kick for the first time on Thanksgiving. And Jesse’s sister had a baby.

21 Weeks


STAR WARS! Plus Jesse felt Baby Girl kick for the first time during the Star Wars premiere and all of my siblings got to feel her during the week of Christmas. We also finally paid off Jesse’s student loans (now we just have mine to go).


Looking back at that 2015 year in review, it’s impossible for me to doubt that we are blessed and that there is always sunshine after the storm and sometimes right in the middle of the storm. Jesse and I had a year full of adventures, accomplished so many goals and spent so much time with people that we love. 2016 is going to be even more full of adventure and love. We are so excited to meet this feisty little girl and love on her.

How was your 2015? What are you looking forward to in 2016?

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  1. i am so happy for you that everything is coming together for you and working out and that you will soon meet your baby girl. what a year- i am so sorry for all of your loss. πŸ™ and as for naysayers- just ignore them! who needs them! we can’t be loved by everyone!

  2. Hello there and happy 2016 to you as well! Congratulations on finishing such an exciting year and to another very exciting year ahead! I am so happy for you guys and baby girl!! I just went back and read all of your bumpdates πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I haven’t said hello in a while and was thinking of you! Loved hearing this update xoxo

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