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Halloween Charcuterie Board Made with Fun Desserts

A fun dessert Halloween charcuterie board made with black, purple, and green treats! This spooky board is perfect for Halloween movie night.

My family loves Halloween! We’re not into anything scary but we do jump at the opportunity to eat fun foods and wear costumes. Especially if those fun foods include desserts!

I created this fun dessert Halloween charcuterie board using sweet treats readily available at Target or most grocery stores. The theme is black and white, green, and purple so it has some spooky vibes.

halloween charcuterie board

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Halloween Dessert Board Ingredients

This fun Halloween dessert board consists of mostly chocolate treats, with a few sour, salty, and marshmallow treats added in. Almost everything on this board is available at Target or a grocery store.

halloween charcuterie board

How to Assemble a Halloween Charcuterie Board

My favorite part of creating any charcuterie board is putting all of the ingredients together to make a visually interesting display. This is accomplished by using various shapes, textures, and colors.

Choosing a Board Size

A charcuterie or snack board doesn’t need to be large to be beautiful. In fact, it’s often better to use a smaller board. The key to a beautiful board is for it to look full.

Since the desserts that I used come in rather large quantities, I was able to fill a large 18″ round board. And I still had plenty of snacks left over for refills!

Many of my movie or television-themed boards require a smaller 12″ board to achieve a similar “full” look.

Add Fun Shapes First

There are a variety of ways to add fun shapes to a board. You can use small bowls or dishes. You could assemble shapes using more rigid foods, like licorice, to hold smaller snacks. Or you can use cookie cutters.

For this Halloween dessert board, I used pumpkin cookie cutters in various sizes to hold the small candies. Not only do they contain smaller candies, but they also add fun shapes to the board.

Larger Snacks Second

After using bowls or cookie cutters for the small snacks, layer in the larger snacks. For this board, the larger snacks were the Oreos and chocolate-covered mini donuts. I added them to the top and bottom of the board.

Decorate Snacks for a More Pronounced Theme

While using snacks as they come still makes a cute board, adding custom decorated snacks is even better. For this Halloween charcuterie board, I frosted brownie bites and made Oreo Mummies.

The mini fudge brownie bites are frosted with Funfetti green frosting. I used a fun cake frosting tip to apply the frosting. Then I added purple sprinkles, which came with the frosting. It makes the brownie bites more fun to look at and adds more color to the board.

The Oreo Mummies are a fun addition too. They look spooky! And they only take a few extra minutes to make using cookie icing and eye sprinkles. There’s a full tutorial for the Mummy Oreos on my mummy snacks post!

Mummy Oreos

Create Movement Across the Charcuterie Board

Another way to add visual interest to a board is to create the illusion of movement. This is done by arranging the snacks in different shapes or ways.

I used frosted brownie bites to create a little extra movement on this Halloween board. The brownies start near the outside of the board and work their way toward the center. They are arranged around the donuts and pumpkins in a wavy line.

halloween charcuterie board

Arranging the same snack in different places around the board also creates movement. On this board, I used plain Oreos and Mummy Oreos in different locations. I also placed dark chocolate pretzels along the edge and in the center of the board.

Take Advantage of Halloween-Specific Treats

Finally, browse the Halloween aisles of Target or TJ Maxx to find fun prepackaged treats. The Peeps Monster Marshmallows and the chocolate skulls were the perfect finishing touches for this dessert Halloween charcuterie board.

halloween charcuterie board

Try making this fun Halloween charcuterie board with desserts for a Halloween party. Or for a fun not-so-scary Halloween movie night.

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