Golden Day

This year I’ve found myself gravitating more towards gold and shiny accent pieces, which is strange because it’s nothing I’ve ever been interested in before. Maybe it’s because this year, today specifically is my Golden Birthday. If you’ve never heard of a Golden Birthday before it’s basically when you turn the same age as your birth date, like 10 on the 10th or 24 on the 24th. I really want to use gold in my decorations for my party this weekend, along with pink and green, because I’ve been really gravitating towards them in general lately, which is so strange for a silver girl like me! I blame getting older, as well as reading some of your blogs, for my new tastes.

One particular blog that has been inspiring me lately is Chris Loves Julia. They are in the process of fixing up their daughter’s “big girl” room and I am ready to kick little Greta out and move in myself! Julia is pulling a lot of inspiration from Serena’s room in the tv show Gossip Girl. I loved the room on tv, but never thought about finding a place for all that inspiration in my own home! gossip girl roomThe greens! The yellows! The grasscloth wallpaper! Excuse me while I mop up my drool just looking at it! And then we have Julia’s interpretation for her daughter’s room. (I’m just posting her mood board since the room isn’t done yet!) chrislovesjulia mood boardThey have gray walls with the green and gold accents going on and I love it too! So gorgeous!

The ironic thing about both of these sources of inspiration is that they are bedrooms, yet the room that I’m inspired about is my dining room! I just cannot get over the greens and that grasscloth! Yum! And it couldn’t be farther from what I have now!

Mmmm… look at those fleshy walls and old lady curtains! This room definitely needs a fun pop, so here’s what I’m thinking: a fun green above the chair rail with some grasscloth wallpaper below, full length (functional) curtains to frame out the bay window and a bar cart and wine shelves in the back right corner. Like this:dining room mood board copyAck! Isn’t it so lovely on paper screen? The parsons chairs are to add to either end of our new farmhouse table and I’d love to also add a plate display on either side of the bay window. Especially more neutral ones that would really pop against the bold wall color! And of course a gold table cloth thrown in there somewhere for some bling 😉

Of course all of this depends on talking things out with Jesse and waiting to see how much our budget will allow for, etc. etc. Nothing is set in stone and these are all randomly Googled images that I have no idea if I can buy or not. But a girl can dream right?!

Any thoughts on grasscloth wall paper? Or super fun bold colors? I’d love to hear what you think! For more thoughts on decorating my dining room and kitchen click here!

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  1. I’ve always thought grass cloth wall paper looked pretty cool…. and definitely love that bedroom as an inspiration! Not weird at all to apply it to a dinning room lol 😛

  2. Love where you are headed here! Gold is really appealing to me lately too which is funny because I used to hate it. I’m really into grasscloth wallpaper too- so pretty! I have a bathroom pinned in grasscloth wallpaper that I looooove!

    Love the idea of parson’s chairs at either end of your dining table! Great idea!

    Also- happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Golden Birthday! No on told me of that concept when I turned 7, so I guess I missed the special celebration (well I celebrated but not goldenly?). I am a follower of Chris Loves Julia too and I love how Greta’s room is turning out!


    I’m loving your mood board and I can’t wait to see what you do in your dining room! That bar is gorgeous!

    I’m also really being drawn to gold, but I’ve already got so much silver… not so sure about the whole “mixed metals” idea.

  5. Growing up we had grass cloth wallpaper in our dining room. I think it would work well on yours… especially the way you are talking about using it.
    I love your windows in your dining room! Can’t wait to see it transform.

  6. PRETTY!!! And happy birthday!! I am excited to see what you do with your bay window – we have one and I am absolutely stumped on window treatments!

  7. Happy birthday! Hope your weekend is great! I’ve always like grass cloth wallpaper…i think it’s clean and timeless!

  8. That looks like a great plan for your living room! I love those colors!
    Happy golden birthday! I’m so sad that I missed mine. Hope your party is great!

  9. I am loving gold accents too! That plate wall has been on my to-do list forever! I bought a bunch of different plates with color and white, and I even bought things to hang them. I really should hang the darn things already!
    I can’t wait to see how this all comes out; I’m sure it is going to look amazing!

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