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Plans for A Purple Baby Girl Nursery

Inspiration for a purple baby girl nursery. The walls will be a neutral gray backdrop for purple and teal wall decor and accessories.

I’ve been planning nurseries for a second baby since my first daughter was born. I had so much fun putting together her pink and gold girlie room that I couldn’t resist thinking about what I’d do for another little girl or boy. I’m so excited to make some of those visions a reality now for our second baby with a purple baby girl nursery!

Since I went super bold (and pink) for the walls in Big Girl’s room I definitely want to scale things back a bit for Baby Girl. Plus I promised Jesse he wouldn’t have to repaint the guest room/office for our next kid. The walls are a pale gray, which gives me the perfect backdrop to add colorful art and decor. I’m absolutely in love with this nursery that Megan from Honey We’re Home did for her daughter. 


We already have an extra dresser that will double as a changing station for that space. It’s a very light cherry finish that would not have paired well with the pink in Big Girl’s room, plus it was a smaller space, but I think it will work nicely for Baby Girl’s room. Especially with some new hardware! You can see the dresser here (WARNING: This was my first DIY project so the photos are super crappy). I will also move the glider from Big Girl’s room into this space. It’s a must for those nighttime feeding sessions! I have an antique rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother that I plan on painting and reupholstering for Big Girl’s room so we still have a place to rock and read stories.

Now for the fun part: color scheme and accessories! I’ve always loved the combination of purple and teal so that was my pick for Baby Girl’s room. I think it will pair nicely with the more neutral gray walls and furniture. This nursery has way more wall space than Big Girl’s room, so it’s been fun to pick out prints to hang. I found a set of woodland animals that I am obsessed with, so I’m thinking a small gallery wall for those. Plus a bunch of paper butterflies for the space behind the glider. Since the walls are neutral and there’s more space I want the curtains to be a huge pop of color. Here’s a little mood board of what I’ve picked out thus far: purple baby girl nursery

| Paint – Olympic Thin Ice | Monogram | Crib Sheet | Butterflies | Crib | Animal Prints | Pillow | Curtains|

For the crib we are leaning towards non-white. I’m afraid that a white crib and a wood dresser could look a little hodge-podge, whereas a gray (or even teal) crib would look more intentional. I may just be overthinking it. We definitely want a more simple crib. Big Girl’s has a rounded back and looks a tad more ornate than the one we’ve been eyeing. Big Girl’s “fancier” crib is paired with simple wood letters spelling out her name above it. For Baby Girl I’d love to pair a simpler crib with a large monogram above it. I’m not usually a huge fan of monograms for myself, but I do love them in girlie nurseries.


|found on Pinterest without source (boo)|

I’m so excited to get started on this space soon! We will need to enlist help from one of our friends to shuffle some furniture to get started. The extra dresser is sitting empty in our bedroom and there is a trunk that is moving to our room. We also need to buy my husband a new desk (though it wont move into our room until the baby is ready for her own room). It definitely wont be a “finished” space until Baby Girl gets here, but I’m excited to just start!


  1. Can’t wait to see! Your pink and gold nursery has definitely inspired me – but for my big girl. We’re hoping to buy a house soon and I’d love to give her bedroom pink and gold vibes.

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