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It’s still January, which means I can still talk about getting organized right? I’m not one to just jump into cleaning things out as soon as the new year hits, I prefer to ease into it and take stock of things for a few weeks before I do a major purge or reorganize. Plus I don’t want to spend my Christmas money on things I don’t really need/want, which is more likely to happen if I jump into something. One thing that I really couldn’t take any more was the kitchen. There are things I can’t really change in here right now, like the dark ugly cabinets and hardware or the dated backsplash, but I can control counter space and cabinet organization. One thing in particular that was driving me crazy was this utensil holder.ย utensil eyesore

We got it as a wedding gift, and I loved it at first, but as time went on I realized it was too bulky for the counter and an eyesore. The little compartments are hard to clean but easy to get dirty since we do most of our prep work on this section of the counter. Plus with the spice rack it was a visual wall between the kitchen and dining room. So I threw it away. And replaced it with a cute green vase that I got at the thrift store a few years ago. I then moved everything to the corner, which physically and visually opened up the space.ย cleared kitchen counters

But where did all that junk go? Turns out I actually had enough space for all of it in the drawers! I just moved some items that we never used, like Star Wars pancake forms and flour sifters, to a basket in the pantry. Then I prioritized what items we Jesse uses the most often while cooking and put those in the utensil drawer next to the stove. This includes our knifes, measuring spoons, a meat tenderizer and thermometer, tongs, garlic press and all of our everyday utensils. Boom, everything is right there so he can grab them and get to work making me delicious food.ย organized utensil drawer

I put everything else in the drawer across the kitchen, next to the fridge. These items, like pizza wheels, ice cream scoop, ladles, a can opener and a cork screw, don’t get used as often and don’t need to be right next to the cooking action. I love having all the random stuff put away too, Jesse is still getting used to it so you will get a less enthusiastic response if you ask him about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰organized kitchen utensils

Ideally, I would love to get the microwave off the counter and in a cabinet or something, but we use it at least 2-3 times a week for heating up leftovers or thawing meat for dinner (we like to buy in bulk when things are on sale and then stick it in the freezer) so it doesn’t make sense to hide it away. The toaster is also something that we use a lot. Jesse has toast for breakfast pretty much everyday, so that isn’t going counters

I also lost a bit of counter space, it was mostly our “drop spot” for keys and mail, when I got my Keurig for my birthday BUT it’s my new best friend so I made it work. I even added a little vase for some of my K Cups. The rest are in a basket in the pantry. I won’t show the pantry to you because I haven’t organized it yet and it’s a little scary. But I’d love to work on it and get it organized like Chelsea did recently.Coffee station

I made space in the cabinet above the Keurig for a new drop spot, below all the medicine and cookbooks. Plus the drawer underneath this counter is Jesse’s junk drawer so I shove all his stuff in there when I need to tidy up ๐Ÿ˜‰catch-all cabinet

Another thing I needed to organize in the kitchen were our alcohol glasses. We have martini glasses, margarita glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses and shot glasses and they were all over the kitchen in random cabinets. Now if you need a drink they are all here in one spot. The martini, margarita and champagne glasses are at the very top, since they get used the least, our set of green stemless wine glasses ย are on the short shelf in the middle and the vineyard wine glasses collection is on the bottom for everyday use. And by everyday I mean casually during the week with dinner, not every day of the week because I’m a lush.ย wine glass cabinet

It feels so good to get things put away around the house. I just love it. Makes me feel refreshed.

What have you been organizing lately? Does reorganizing stress your husband out too?ย 

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  1. You have balls admitting that you threw away a wedding gift! :-X

    I really love the new holder though and we have the same olive oil dispenser! And I love the vase for the kcups too. I probably would have never thought to use vases as holders in the kitchen – kudos!

    Do you leave your toaster always plugged in? I grew up always taught to unplug it when not in use, and Travis and I always unplug t now. I’ve always heard stories of toasters going wacky and catching fire when plugged in all the time. Just a thought!

    1. Haha! Trust me, you’ll get so many gifts and random things that you wont be able to keep it all. And not everyone includes gift receipts, so you can’t return it all either.

      Never heard of the toaster thing! We both grew up with ours always plugged in. Weird.

  2. I love organizing and re-organizing things. I just re-organized my closet and dresser. I feel like a new woman! ha It’s amazing how much I keep even though I don’t ever wear it. Sometimes I feel like a hoarder.

  3. I found a Le Cruset white utensil holder on clearance for $15 a few years ago and I love it in our kitchen I think utensil holders can be an accent piece, you just have to find the right one. Also, yes, my husband gets so stressed out when I reorganize ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am totally going to organized my kitchen this weekend! It’s been on my to-do list for a month, and since we have no plans on Saturday, I have no excuse! Thanks for the ideas and getting me inspired again to finally get this done.

  5. Oh man, I love an organized kitchen! Looking fab!

    It’s funny – about two weeks ago I got super stir-crazy and felt like the walls were closing in on us so I up and got rid of our microwave. Haha (its technically in the attic if we need it) but both Matt and I were saying that we feel like this has forced us to be more intentional with our food. For instance – now I portion our meats when we get them before popping them into the freezer, and I can also ensure that a certain fella doesn’t get it into his head to make dinner and use ALL of the meat at once (he is a good cook – he just makes too much!)

    Haha I KNOW it wouldnt work for everyone, but it’s funny how much I DON’T miss our microwave. It would probably be completely different if I worked outside of our home at this point in our loves though!

    Oh and to answer the question at the end – no, it doesn’t stress him out, because he really has no idea where things go anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Must be the time of year to organize (even though January is almost over). Iโ€™m on a kick trying to organize my house. You’ve reminded me to add kitchen cupboards to my growing list! I just organized some of my craft stuff and the pantry this past weekend.

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