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Using Bins to Create a More Organized Bathroom Closet

A few storage bins helped me create a more organized bathroom closet. Everything I need is easily accessible and grouped with like products.

When it comes to organization, I’m definitely a “function over form” kind of person. I believe in everything having a place, but it doesn’t have to look pretty. Most of our cabinets and closets contain a mismatched collection of bins, baskets and old shoe boxes that I use to corral our stuff. While this system definitely works, it’s still a little cringeworthy. I recently invested in a few storage bins from Wayfair to tackle our not so lovely master bathroom closet. It’s amazing how a few well proportioned bins can create a more organized bathroom closet.

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Creating a More Organized Bathroom Closet

Baskets for Cleaners

Our master bathroom closet holds all of our bathroom cleaning supplies. This includes a lot of products with bleach and other harsh chemicals. Since we have two little ones in the house, I keep all of these in baskets on the top shelf of the closet. I also store paper towels and microfiber cloths up there. I love these Lattice Plastic Baskets, which I found on Wayfair, because the design let’s me easily see what’s in each box. No need to pull down boxes to look inside. Or have a bunch of random cleaners get pushed to the back to collect dust. I can pull down my box when I clean. Then put the whole thing back on the shelf when I’m done. 

organized bathroom closet
bathroom closet mess

A Divided Tray for Little Items

I also ordered a divided tray on Wayfair, which is supposed to be for the fridge or freezer. However, I’m using it to store all of our random or extra bathroom supplies. The tray holds my eyebrow waxing supplies, extra toothpaste, bar soap, deodorant and rubbing alcohol. There is even room for another small box for nail polish, polish remover and cotton pads. It’s so nice to have everything in the same tray, laid out where I can easily see what I need. This shelf also holds all of our other bathroom “essentials.” They are neatly stacked for ease of access. Stacking items on the shelf helps me take inventory quickly before I go to the store.

Rolling Towels

Our towels are all stored on the same shelf and I recently started rolling them versus folding them. I don’t know if it actually makes a difference space wise, but it feels like it does. It takes the same amount of time to fold them this way and looks prettier, so it’s a win-win.

Bins for Hair Tools

On the bottom shelf is all of my hair supplies, which I use the most frequently. I used another lattice basket for my hair tools, ie. blow dryer, flat iron and curling wand. I used to keep these all in a round basket, but I like this one better because they aren’t laying on top of each other in a tangled mess.

With the closet more organized I also had enough room to store all of my styling products on this shelf. It’s proven a little less chaotic to have them on a shelf in the closet instead of getting knocked all around under the sink. 

The bin on the floor I’ve had for awhile, but it was sitting unused in another closet. I decided to proactively fill it with toilet paper for easy access and again, to make tp inventory a little more convenient.

Adding Contact Paper to Shelves for a Pretty AND Organized Bathroom Closet

organized bathroom closet

Since everything was looking so nice and organized, I also decided to add a little contact paper to the dark shelves to pretty up the space a bit. Contact paper is so easy to use, plus it’s removable if it ever rips or starts looking dingy. I’d love to paint this closet one day, but with a newborn and a toddler that’s low on the priority list. Covering the shelves with contact paper took about an hour and has just as large of an impact without the mess and stink of painting. 

I love the way our bathroom closet came together and am so happy to have some nicer organizational pieces holding all of our stuff.

This post was a collaboration with Wayfair. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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