Getting Back in Shape Sucks

Friends. I have fallen off the bandwagon. And I’ve fallen hard. In fact, as I type this I’m eating taquitos, orange soda and Midnight Milky Ways (which is seriously the best candy ever. Dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla nougat. OMG yum!)  why are midnight milky ways so damn good

I let the holidays knock me off track, and then I was sick and then it was my birthday. Blah blah blah. Excuses, excuses. I have decided no more! Well, after I finish my delicious, wholesome lunch that is. Then no more! I have goals that I set for this year and I’m not going to reach them without some motivation and self-control.

To help get me back in the mood to work out I bought some new running shoes and tops with clever sayings on them. The color combo of black and hot pink has always seemed kind of badass to me, so when I spotted these Nike running shoes on sale I had to have them. You can find them here, but the sale is over. Boo!nike running shoes

I got this fun “Gym Hair Don’t Care” top at Old Navy for super cheap. (Find it here) They had a few others, but they weren’t as clever. I still need to find one that says “I run for wine” because telling the truth is important. “I run for tacos” would also be super appropriate. If you see one, let me know so I can snag it!fun fitness clothes

I’ve also downloaded a new fitness app, called Jillian Michaels. It’s $4 a month and it has a ton of workout plans to choose from. There’s even one called “Bounce Back Baby,” which is what I signed up for. I’m hoping the exercises help me tighten my core and pelvic floor muscles back up. The workouts are only 30 minutes, so it’s definitely something that I can pull off. There is also a meal plan guide. I’m not sure how much I will use that because the meals are super specific, but I will keep you posted. Jillian Michaels fitness app

In addition to the Jillian workouts, I’ve got to get back to running! We’re having an unseasonably warm winter and I have barely taken advantage of it. I did go out this week for a walk at one of our local parks. They have a nice paved trail through the woods and it was in the 60’s so it was a no-brainer. We got halfway through the trail into the middle of the woods and Mara decided she was just done. I couldn’t take her out and carry her (she’s heavy) while also pushing the jogging stroller (also heavy), so I started to run. Well, Baby Girl loved that so every time I stopped to catch my breath or walk up a giant hill she’d start crying loudly again. That girl should just be my personal trainer, she was vicious! I was dying by the time I got back to the car and I barely ran a mile. That does not bode well for someone that’s already registered for a 10k in April. Yikes! If anyone has any tips for getting back into running, please share! I’d love some suggestions.

I’m also getting rid of the rest of the junk food in the house! I do pretty good at eating well, but only if there is zero temptation readily available. I’ve got a few ideas for healthier dinners, so I will be sure to share those after I make sure they actually taste good.

Wish me luck!

*I linked to my shoes and top in case anyone was interested. Those are NOT affiliate links. Just FYI ;)*

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  1. “I still need to find one that says “I run for wine” because telling the truth is important.”
    I’m so with you on that! AGREED! haha!

    I know you can do this lady. A GF of mine is a personal trainer and motivational speaker – I really think you’d like her voice. I’ll invite you to like her page on Facebook. She also has CHEAP but awesome fitness apps I found helpful for training – my personal faves are the Workout Randomizer, Ab Randomizer, and the Train with Trish: 10K (Couch to 10K). They are on the App Store. I’ve known her since high school, she grew up in Orange County, and currently lives in NoVA. Anyway, I know you can do it! Biggest thing is you have a goal and I know you are motivated to stick with it.


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