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Fling, Marry, Kill

Since I could have a baby at any minute (and will definitely have one in 11 days!) I wanted to arrange for a little blog “maternity leave” of sorts. I’ve asked several fellow bloggers to play a little game having to do with home decor and design. The game is called Fling, Marry, Kill. It’s exactly like F*ck, Marry, Kill, but with home design trends. Each guest will be sharing what design trend they’d have a Fling with but couldn’t stand to keep permanently, what trend they could Marry and keep around forever, and the trend they think needs to die. This is going to be so fun!

I decided that I’m also playing, and I get to go first. I loved this idea so much that I couldn’t resist writing my own answers!


A design trend that you’d have a fling with, but wouldn’t want to commit to having it in your house long-term.

For me, it’s jewel tones. I’ve seen so many beautiful rooms with deep navy walls, magenta couches and they are just breathtaking! My favorite jewel tone space is this living room from Hi Sugarplum! The lacquered blue shelves and trim are gorgeous, plus the rug and art work is AMAZING. I absolutely love the look of this room and I never get tired of seeing it in my feeds. 

When I picture something like this in my own home though, I just can’t see myself loving it long term. I would find the colors overwhelming after awhile and I know I would be second-guessing my decisions constantly. I guess I just don’t have the balls to pull of this kind of bold design. 


A trend that you won’t ever tire of. It’s part of who you are.

My “Marry” is sentimental art and accessories in the home. This doesn’t just mean photos of people you love, but little things that remind you of them in an indirect way. I have a painting of a fox in the dining room that reminds me of my Papa every time I look at it. It’s not something that anyone else would pick up on as being sentimental, but to me it’s a little secret reminder that makes me smile. In fact, I have a tchotchke for almost every loved one I’ve ever lost displayed somewhere in my house. I also decorate with things from favorite movies or books that are special to Jesse and I. It puts a personal mark on your home in a subtle and stylish way. 


A trend you are OVER and never want to come back.

I may get a lot of flack for this one, but I am SO over shiplap. I never really was on the Fixer Upper bandwagon and I just don’t get it. Shiplap reminds me of when people put dark wood paneling in their houses in the 70s/80s. People moved into these houses and painted over the paneling out of necessity. Now everyone is putting painted paneling in on purpose! Plus, most of it is more of a whitewash or “imperfect” finish and I’ve never been into that either. I can get behind refinishing and painting furniture, but I don’t get adding a patina to make it look distressed or old again. It’s all just not for me. (Photos via hgtv.com)

Hopefully none of you stop reading my blog since my shocking hatred for shiplap has been revealed! And please, play along in the comments, telling me what your Fling, Marry, Kills are! I will be checking in occasionally while on my “blog leave.”


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