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Fling, Marry, Kill – Paisley + Sparrow

Since I’m snuggling my newborn baby girl,  I wanted to arrange for a little blog “maternity leave” of sorts. I’ve asked several fellow bloggers to play a little game having to do with home decor and design. The game is called Fling, Marry, Kill. It’s exactly like F*ck, Marry, Kill, but with home design trends. Each guest will be sharing what design trend they’d have a Fling with but couldn’t stand to keep permanently, what trend they could Marry and keep around forever, and the trend they think needs to die. Today’s guest is my blog friend Jen of Paisley + Sparrow!

Hi everyone! I’m Jen from Paisley + Sparrow!. I’m a mom to 2 kids under 2, a wife to a hunky Indian guy and we all live in Minneapolis with our dog Chloe! My goal is to bring joy to your life, style and home. I share tips and tricks to finding and loving your personal style for you and your home over on my blog and Instagram and try my best to share encouragement to women of all walks of life – especially to you mamas! 

Ashley and I have been following one another on social media and reading one another’s blogs for years! I recently had my 2nd kid (I guess 7 months ago isn’t so recent!) so when she asked if I wanted to guest blog during her maternity leave of course I said yes!

To get right to it, here’s my list of “fling, marry kill”.


Wallpaper!! I’m actually obsessed with wallpaper right now so there’s a slight chance this would turn into a long term relationship. However, I know myself well enough to know that permanent wallpaper is not the best option for me since I pretty much like to redecorate my home every year. This worked awesome when I lived in tiny condos. Now that I have a house and 3 other people to tend to it makes redoing an entire home every year not so feasible.

That’s why I’m so glad removable wallpaper was invented! We put some in my son’s room when we moved him out of the nursery and into a “toddler” room. This will definitely be more of a fling since his room will likely change every couple of years as he grows up but a year later I still love it! 


We also did our powder bathroom with removable wallpaper. Again, it’s SO fun but we also use that bathroom every single day that I’m sure I’ll be over it sooner rather than later (which is fine since I can just pull it off!). Just don’t tell my husband since he applied it and being the perfectionist that he is, it took him quite a while. 😉 



PLANTS! I will never ever tire of plants. My mom gave me a pothos plant when I was in college and 50+ plants later, I’m 100% in love with plants. I’m not a plant guru but I’ve learned a lot along the way and try to share some knowledge on my Instagram from time to time. It seems to help! 🙂 My husband also loves plants (thankfully!) so we have everything from tiny succulents to a large fiddle leaf fig trees and everything in between. 

I sometimes work with a local home remodel company here in Minneapolis, JKath Design, and got to help them stage a home for one of our local Parade of Homes events. Terra-cotta plants are so in right now so I made a full tablescape using terra-cotta pots filled with different plants. It was so pretty! 



Shiplap. I’m sorry Joanna, but it needs to go. It kinda goes hand in hand with all white kitchens. Both have been done, over done, and done again. Let’s branch out and do something new, shall we? 🙂

So there you have it! My list of of fling, marry and kill. Anyone agree? Who all disagrees? I’m sorry if you’re house is covered in shiplap…we can still be friends! 

Be sure to stop by my Instagram and say hi and let me know you found me through Ashley and check out my blog! I’d love to stay connected!

And thanks, Ashley, for having me!

A big shout out and thank you to Jen for playing! I’m glad I’m not the only one not into shiplap! Be sure to check out Jen’s blog and follow her on Instagram!

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