Fall Tablescape

While Jesse and I love to host friends for dinner, we are limited to only having one couple over at a time. It’s because of how outrageously small our table is. We got it off Craigslist for less than $50 when we first got married and it was great then, but now it’s really small, wobbly and we are itching for a big 6-8 person reclaimed barn wood dining table. Until then this will do, and it’s super easy to decorate a tablescape (as unpractical it is for a table this size). We don’t own china or special dishes because I dont see the practicality behind them, so our everyday dishes are what I used for this. The napkins were on our registry when we first got married and break up the monatony of the all white dishes for this setting (another reason why I felt the need for the green glasses). The fruit is a wink at the autumn season because fruit make me think of apple picking in the mountains as the leaves start to change. Since it’s such a small place setting I didn’t bother with place cards, but I imagine sticking a toothpick with a name card or something into the fruit.The runner is actually a red tablecloth from Target, it was another one of our registry items.I used glass cylinders from the Dollar Store filled with lentils and pillar candles for the centerpiece. They are sitting on a book under the runner to give them a bit of height over the rest of the table. I also placed a piece of burlap there to add some texture to the vignette. This picture just makes me smile because I love the way the light reflects off the glass from the lit candles. 🙂 I’m afraid the red and the green make things look a bit Christmasy, but oh well. I’ll probably move the centerpiece and runner to the living room vignette anyway since it’s just not practical on this small table. Having a fancy tablescape makes me feel like a grownup ready to host Thanksgiving dinner though haha 😉

What do you think? Have you ever made a tablescape before?

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  1. I love those glasses soooooo much! They’re fantastic! Also, filling the candle holders with lentils!? Great idea!!!

  2. Love it all!! But I have to agree with Amy on the fruit…so natural and the textures play off each other nicely!

  3. Very cool.
    I don’t know if you guys are wanting to make or purchase a new table but you might be interested in a blog I found. This guy makes some pretty cool tables and has included a how-to on the process, which is pretty cool considering he sells them as well. I think he lives in the Richmond area. http://tommyandellie.com/?p=2582

    Also, if you’re looking for tables that are literally made from reclaimed lumber the people at Thrill of the Hunt in Ashland make them as well.

  4. Super cute! I really love the glasses and I think decorating food areas with food is awesome. I like that you used pears and apples.

  5. I was hoping you would use your green glasses. They are so pretty! The apples are such a great idea. They add a little color but also are functional as a weight for the napkin in place of a napkin ring.

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