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While Jesse and I are gallivanting around Europe (today we’re taking the train into London) I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to stop by and share about some of their favorite travel memories. I love reading about where people have been, and of course seeing all of their pictures! Today’s guest post is from one of my good friends, Tori of Marvelous Things Photography. Tori and are actual friends in real life, we met through our husbands who have this weird bro-mance thing going on. She is the photographer who took headshots for me a few weeks ago. Speaking of being a photographer Tori is a super talented wedding photographer, so prepare yourselves for her gorgeous photos of her trip to Ireland! 


Hey all of you domesticated-attempters (we can just go ahead and coin that term, right?)! I’m so happy to be guest-blogging today while Ashley & Jesse are gallivanting around Europe (even if I not-so-secretly wish I was doing that instead of guest-blogging ;). I’m a full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in Richmond, and love keeping my blog up to date on recent shoots, style inspiration, and the adventures of my two kitties (don’t hate!). But I’m especially happy to be real life friends with Ashley & Jesse, and to share one of my travel adventures with you, today!

Back in the Fall of 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to head to Ireland for two weeks with my sister. It was our “last hurrah” before I got married in November, and if you ask me, there couldn’t have been a better way to spend sister time than in the gorgeous, charming environment of Ireland. We stayed in Dublin (in a quaint little hotel walking distance from a train station which made for easy access and travel), but took many day trips to other adorable little towns up and down the coast.

(Yes, that would be me being all cheesy – a fairly typical occurrence, actually….)

Dublin is definitely a fun city, though a bit touristy in certain places. But, I obviously can’t blame people for wanting to visit – that’s what I was doing, after all! And that didn’t stop us from trying out some of the iconic places – like The Temple Bar, where there was guaranteed to always be fabulous live music going on. I also loved all of the colorful doors throughout the city. Makes me want to whip out a can of paint and do something funky to our front door! (Though I doubt my husband would be quite as in-favor of such an idea.)

I also loved how many charming restaurants there were, and since it was Fall, I loved trying out hot beverages in as many places as possible. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee. It was all fabulous! The architecture of churches and buildings over there is just so grand and beautiful, as well. I think that’s another aspect that just made walking around and exploring so much fun. We toured inside some of them, as well (like St. Patrick’s Cathedral) and it was so cool to just take in the history.

We also loved checking out the parks within the city, and this (St. Steven’s Green Park) was our favorite. We frequented it in the mornings to do some reading, or just people watch and enjoy some relaxation. It was perfect for that, and just such a lovely spot.

Visiting the smaller coastal towns was the highlight of my trip, and Howth was hands-down our favorite. Something about it was just so pretty and perfect. Almost all of the ocean/coastal photos in here were taken there.

It’s hard to sum up 2 weeks of experiences in one brief post, but suffice it to say, Ireland is wonderful and you should definitely go if you get a chance. I’d be back there in a heartbeat if given the chance. So here’s to happy travels and lovely places!


I told you her pictures were gorgeous! I love all those door pictures, they’d make sure a cute gallery wall display! Jesse and I just wish that we had time to go to Ireland on this trip too! Thanks so much for helping me out Tori! So funny that we both used the word gallivanting! 😉

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  1. I was in Ireland several years ago for work and loved every minute of it. It actually ruined my taste for Guinness. It’s SOO much better in Ireland than it is in the US, that I can’t drink it here anymore. I didn’t get an opportunity to leave Dublin either, which I’ll need to do next time I go.

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