Do the Hometalk Hustle

Hometalk is a website for craft and DIY bloggers to showcase their skills and make connections. I attended a Hometalk event in Frederick, MD.

I know I said I’d have more Halloween decorations up today, but I’m still working on it. Instead, I’m sharing a little bit about the awesome blogger event I went to over the weekend, the Hometalk Hustle. The event was sponsored by Hometalk, Sweet Clover Barn, Silk & Burlap, and a bunch of other shops in Frederick, MD. It was a lot of fun and provided some great bonding time with other bloggers, and of course, shopping! The event started at 10 am on Saturday morning, so I was up bright and early! Frederick is about 3 hours north of Richmond, so the solo road trip called for a lot of coffee. photo 1

I ended up being a little late to the breakfast the had at the Hilton Garden Inn, but it was a great spread! When I got there they were doing a little presentation on Downtown Frederick which is full of locally owned shops and restaurants. It kind of reminded me of some sectors of Richmond, but super condensed. It was fun to meet other bloggers from the VA/MD area, and to put names and faces together. Some of the bloggers that were there included:

After breakfast, we loaded up into a few shuttles and headed to Sweet Clover Barn. I was so excited to finally check it out since I’ve been following Cassie’s blog for years and I got to meet Sarah at Haven back in July. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed! I was so lucky that we were packed out in the shuttle vans, otherwise, I may have come home with quite the credit card bill! (These ladies are so smart and take cards!) photo 3

There was such a wide array of things to choose from, furniture, tchotchkes, jewelry, art. You name it! I bought an awesome silver branch candle holder, which you’ll see in my Halloween decor on Friday. Oooo, suspense! 😉 photo 2

After about an hour perusing Sweet Clover we loaded back into the vans and went to Downtown Frederick. They dropped us off at Silk & Burlap first, which was filled with so many pretty things! photo 5

The ladies at Silk & Burlap were amazing hostesses and they even served wine while we shopped. More stores should considering serving wine to shoppers, it was so relaxing and I felt like I was at a party instead of in a store. photo 4

After Silk & Burlap we split into smaller groups and continued to explore other stores participating in the Hustle, and a few that weren’t. I really fell in love with one shop, so much so I forgot to take a picture, called Whidden Hill. Their catch phrase is East Coast Chic Meets Western Flair, which is apparently my style. They had cute clothes, fun cowboy boots and lots of gorgeous jewelry, plus they served us chocolate.

After that we went to The Muse, another eclectic shop full of locally made pretties. photo 1 (1)

There was even a leather demo going on while we were there, which was very fascinating to watch. photo 2 (1)

We also went to the Velvet Lounge, which was another apparel store and I wanted so many things. I really want to get Jesse up to Frederick sometime soon so I can get him to buy me things.

Our last stop was a fun furniture store, very similar to Restoration Hardware but local. Their furniture was gorgeous, but WAY out of my price range. photo 3 (1)

I did enjoy the interior design inspiration boards they had on display around the store though. It’s always fun to see other people’s visions and creative processes. photo 4 (1)

After that we headed back to the hotel to pick up our cars, it was around 2 pm at this point and we were all getting tired. Since we left Downtown Frederick early there was still about an hour before Sweet Clover closed, so I drove back to buy this gorgeous Bentwood chair I had been eyeing. She needs a little love, but I’m excited to use it in my future office nook. There is a sticker on the seat that says “Poppy’s Chair,” so I really hope I can do Poppy proud. photo 2 (2)

I also got to spend a little more time chatting with Cassie and Sarah, which is always a good time. Now I just need to get them down to my neck of the woods for some shopping! photo 5 (1)

On my way home from Frederick I stopped off south of Leesburg to visit a friend from college. I took a kind of back road to avoid DC traffic and the drive was just gorgeous! I went right through Northern VA wine country, so now I’m hoping I can get Jesse back up that way for a weekend of wine tasting. My friend and I had an early dinner in Warrenton at the Black Bear Bistro, where I had an amazing pizza. It had bacon and an arugula salad on top and it was to die for! I’m hungry just thinking about it! photo 1 (2)

The event was such a blast. It’s always nice to hang out with like-minded people, aka bloggers, and walk around shops listening to their opinions and ideas. I find it super inspiring and revitalizing! Which is probably why I went home and immediately started redecorating for Halloween! 🙂

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  1. i am SOOOOOO glad you came! can’t wait to plan a trip down your way! i will have to get my parents to watch the kids and maybe chris can come, too! 🙂 that would be a nice getaway for us.

  2. I’m going to Frederick next weekend for a wedding and coming from Ohio to make a weekend of it. Now I have a list of some places to visit. My husband will just looove it…

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