DIY Wood Pallet Projects

My absolute favorite thing about blogging is the great relationships that I’ve made over the years with other bloggers. One of my first blogging friends was Karah of The Space Between. I joined her Pass It On Project in my first year of blogging and I still have my gift from her, it hangs on our gallery wall in our bedroom. Book pages picture frame from Karah

I was so excited in July when I FINALLY got to meet her at Haven. We had a blast chatting in person and she gave me a little a lot of help when my strapless dress/bra wouldn’t stay up while I was on the dance floor. Me & Karah

So, imagine how excited I was when I found out she was writing a book. How cool is that?! I know a famous author! DIY Wood Pallet Projects book review

If you’ve ever followed Karah’s blog before then you know that this lady is amazing at recreating spaces and building gorgeous things for her home. She has used pallets in a lot of ingenious ways, so it makes sense that she wrote a book about DIYing with pallets. I have a few pallets in our garage, but I can’t decide what to do with them. There are so many options. Of course, a wine rack would be right up my alley… Pallet book - wine rackI’ve also been wanting a full length mirror for our master bedroom, but nice ones are so dang expensive! This project seems a little daunting, but I think I could handle it. Maybe. It is gorgeous though! Maybe I can get Karah to come build me one. 😉 Pallet book - full length mirrorThis fun American flag is definitely something I could handle! I kinda wish I would have seen it before our big 4th of July ‘Murica party. It would have looked great hanging up over the drink table or on the front porch! Pallet book - American flagNot only does Karah provide great projects with step-by-step instructions, supply lists and fabulous pictures, she also recommends tools, shows you ways to disassemble pallets and even gives suggestions on where to find pallets. This book is an absolute must-have for all you DIY lovers out there! DIY Wood Pallet Projects by KarahI keep my book in my basket of blankets and magazines next to the couch. I love that when we have company over and people grab it and flip through it and I get to tell them about my friend Karah. It makes her seem less like one of those “imaginary blog friends.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Karah’s book DIY Wood Pallet Projects (which you should be) it’s available on Amazon. *And that is NOT an affiliate link* 

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  1. Umm, wow. That lady has some talent and it’s actually unique in the ideas! I LOVE the wine rack and mirror idea. Totally badass ways to save money and have pride in your home. Cannot wait to see what you end up doing.

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