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Olympic Turquoise Mist – The Dining Room is Going Blue

Plans for repainting my dining room Olympic Turquoise Mist and focusing on decorating my home in a traditional and colorful way.

Several months ago I posted an “updated” tour of the house. I showed some pictures from 2013 and some more current photos. But, I cheated and didn’t actually take any new photos of the downstairs. Because it’s been stuck for awhile. We completed a few projects upstairs like the bathroom and a nursery. But that’s all. I’ve alluded to wanting to paint the dining room. But I was stuck on choosing a color. Well, I finally, decided on a color: Olympic’s Turqouise Mist. Turquoise Mist

Why I Chose Olympic Turquoise Mist

Turqouise Mist is a lighter version of the color I used to color block my farmhouse style dining room chairs. I think it complements the chairs nicely. It will also lighten up the dining room. This room is visually a little heavy. It needs a light, airy color to bring it new life.Colorful dining room

I recently wrote a post about discovering my specific style or “design voice.” I attribute that to stepping away from reading other design blogs and listening to design podcasts instead.  I was bogged down by all of the gorgeous styles showcased online. And I wanted to make all of those styles work in my house. Instead, I should focus on a cohesive style that I love.

Now I have a vision for my traditional home. That vision is full of bright colors and a few modern elements. I’m starting in the dining room because it is my favorite space in our home. It’s also my “jumping off point” for making the downstairs more cohesive.handbuilt-dining-room-furniture

Refreshing the Dining Room

First, I plan on painting the dining room and connecting hallways. I plan to use Olympic Turqouise Mist on all of the walls. Using the same color will brighten up the downstairs and create a cohesive look. Next, I need art for the hallway and the dining room. Art is another great way to visually tie spaces together. Using pieces that are different, but have similar color palettes and textures tie them together. I need to finish my plate walls! The plate walls contain so much fun color. They are visually appealing. And they are so diverse that any art can tie into them.

I also need to swap out the rugs. None of the rugs downstairs match. They don’t belong together at all. That needs to change to bring the spaces together. Eventually, I will replace the chandelier over the dining table. I really hate the current one. handbuilt-dining-room-bar

I plan to start painting next week. It’s supposed to be warm so I can open a window or two. All of the painting has to happen during naps, so it will probably take all week. Once all of the walls are painted, I will jump into shopping for rugs, light fixtures and art.

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  1. Good luck on painting! I always think that painting is going to be a relaxing endeavor, but after three strokes of a brush I somehow manage to get paint everywhere it shouldn’t be!

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