Decking the Halls – Our 2012 Christmas Decorations

Looking for Christmas decorating ideas? Check out our 2012 Christmas decorations! 2012 was our first Christmas in our first house. We were on a tight budget but still made the home alive with Christmas magic.

Even though I’ve had my house decorated for Christmas since Thanksgiving, I somehow managed to keep all my decorations a secret until now!

I love our giant tree this year! And I’m almost done Christmas shopping and wrapping, so the presents make everything look even more festive 🙂I’m so glad I decided to add the ribbon to our tree this year, it definitely helps fill things in and look a bit more “mature” even though we’ve got Star Wars ornaments. Jesse bought me this one last year for our first married Christmas together 🙂I made one of those wedding invitation ornaments last year too. Only click the tutorial if you want to see very terrible pictures. And this is just one of my favorite childhood ornaments. I love all of the lights wrapped around my banisters too. My house is perfect for Christmas decorations! In addition to my Christmas mantel, I’ve got another vignette in the living room with a banner of Christmas cards from my childhood. The cards are all from family members and some of them are from people that are no longer living. It makes me smile to still have them included. And of course, the outside decorations. I went really simple this year and only decorated the porch, but I’ve got big plans for next year. (insert maniacal laughter)I think the ball wreath I made last year is my most favorite decoration, after the snowmen of course! I couldn’t include a picture of my whole living room/house because everything is a MESS right now. I was trying to tidy by wrapping gifts, but that just made a bigger mess so I shoved it all out of the way for pictures haha.

These were photos of our 2012 Christmas decorations, but you can find our decorations from almost every year here:


Are your halls decked? What’s your favorite decoration this year? Do you have favorite ornaments?

I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, Newly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One, Restoration House Interiors and at BNOTP.

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  1. I love your tree! It’s so pretty and full. Don’t be ashamed of your Star Wars ornaments. I am the proud owner of at least one Veggie Tales ornament. We all have our quirky things.

  2. Your home is truly inviting, warm and beautiful. I am sure anyone will enjoy christmas in a home like this. 🙂

    Linking back from Dare to DIY

  3. I love that your decorations incorporate a lot of pieces and things that bring back happy memories like your Christmas cards from the past. What a great idea. Your tree looks beautiful and the ribbon does make it look really chic…and I adore that you have some Star Wars ornaments included on the branches.

  4. Love your take on holiday decorating and how you have included things from the past mixed in with the new. The simple touches make your home feel festive and creates the perfect atmosphere for celebrating. New to your blog and glad to have found your creative spot on the web:)

  5. Your tree looks gorgeous! We added some ribbon to our tree this year too, it really does take it up a notch! Your decorations are amazing :)! We also decided to go easy on the outdoors (ie-nothing) THIS year…watch out 2013.

  6. I love the tree and the garland around the stairs! This time of year, I’m jealous of everyone with stairs to decorate.

  7. It’s so sweet that you have past Christmas cards on display! We just started putting up some decorations on Sunday, but my favorite decorations are anything sparkly and covered in a jillion Christmas lights. 🙂

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