Stormtrooper Pumpkin Carving – Carve Em Out, Carve Em Out

Love Star Wars? For Halloween, we created a fun Star Wars stormtrooper pumpkin carving to decorate our front porch. Along with one featuring our last name initial.

Yes, that title is a cheesy reference to T.I. Don’t judge me.

Yesterday I talked about how we did some pumpkin picking at our local Wal-Mart that weekend as well. Growing up my family always went pumpkin picking and together as a family we would carve our pumpkins for Halloween, it’s one of those fond memories of childhood that makes me smile. Jesse’s family wasn’t really big on carving pumpkins, so he couldn’t even remember when the last time he carved a pumpkin. That was absolutely unacceptable to me, so to the pumpkin patch bin, we went!

We found templates online for our pumpkins, Jesse printed out a stormtrooper and I decided to be sentimental and carve an R for our last name.

We bought a neat little kit with a tool that pokes little holes in the pumpkin as you trace the outline. 

Then we got to work carving out our designs! We found that using Jesse’s pocket knife and a spoon worked WAY better than the shaving tools from our $4 kit. They came out really well and are a perfect representation of our household, our last name and Star Wars 😉 The stormtrooper pumpkin carving is especially amazing! The next picture was at night, so it kinda sucks but it needed to be shown. Now Jesse is hooked on pumpkin carving and can’t wait to make more elaborate ones next year. I’m good with it especially if it means more pumpkin seeds to roast and eat. 😉 Have you carved pumpkins this year? Did you use them to decorate in a different way?

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