Green Mason Jars Collection from Ball American Heritage Mason Jars

I love decorating with mason jars, especially the green mason jars from Ball’s American Heritage Collection.

I love to incorporate mason jars into my vignettes around the house and for parties. I’ve spray-painted jars gold, filled them with wine corks, used them to hold toothbrushes, and filled them with flowers. Seriously, I love them.

I had my eye on green jars for a while. So I was thrilled when the folks at Ball Mason Jars contacted me. They asked if I’d review a few of their products, including the green mason jars from the American Heritage collection.

Look at how beautiful they are! 

Ball Mason Jar vases

Ball Sip and Straw Lids

Along with the awesome green jars, I received their Sip and Straw Lids. These lids are awesome for taking mason jars on the go. The jars are glass instead of plastic and the lids are BPA-free. I use the jars with these lids for my iced coffee most days. 

Ball Mason Jar Sip & Straw Lids

Along with the lids, I received a few Mason Jar Mugs, which are a little less convenient for me to take in the car because of the handle, but I prefer the handle for using them at home.

Mason Jar Infuser

Another goodie that I’m really enjoying is the Mason Jar Infuser. The infuser is BPA-free and made for Wide Mouth mason jars.

Fill the infuser compartment with cut fruit or herbs. After the compartment is full, attach it to the green lid and screw the lid onto your wide-mouth jar. The jar can be filled with water, juice, vodka, or whatever you’re in the mood to drink. 

Mason Jar Infuser

I filled my infuser with some watermelon and blueberries that we got at our local farmer’s market over the weekend. The taste wasn’t super strong, but it was still yummy!

Ball Mason Jar Infuser

Green Mason Jars

Of course, my favorite thing about this Mason Jar collection is the green jars. I love that I received green mason jars in various sizes. The larger jars are great to use as vases for cut flowers. And the smaller ones add a pop of color to any vignette. Or I can use them to drink from or store food!

Ball Mason Jar giveaway

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  1. Joe and I use mason jars for everything from left overs to extra coffee/tea. I’ve always got one tucked in my purse for my commute (there’s one on my desk as I type this!) so I love the lids with straws and the infuser!

  2. Well what do you know, I’ve never used mason jars for canning either! They make the BEST storage containers for granola, flours, etc. I use reusable plastic lids but have never seen the sippy lids and infusers. Sound like fun! (Also, they’re such great partner fit for you! Awesome!)

  3. Love the new trends. I’ve used Mason jars as drinking glasses for year, also unique gifts like homemade sauces, dry cookie ingredients with a recipe card attached, herb infused oils, homemade applebutter or self made scented bath salts. They are the perfect vessel !!

  4. I love those green jars so much! They’d be perfect in my grey and green bathroom. Also, love the lids/straws. You can never have too many straw cups.

  5. On a recent Costco trip, my husband had a craving for grapefruit. And of course at Costco, you can’t just buy one, so we left with about million grapefruit. I don’t like them (too bitter) and my husband got bored with them after one or two, so what did I do with all the grapefruit????? I did some canning!!!! It was amazing. I of course added some sugar so I would like them a bit more, but now we have a few ball mason jars filled with grapefruit! What a great snack!!! Love their products so I would love to win some more!!

  6. I recently found some old Ball jars that my grandmother used to can tomatoes. Needless to say I snatched them up quick when my mom and aunts said they were going to get rid of them! These new products look amazing too. I would love to try the infuser!

  7. I love mason jars for decoration and I love the new one with the straws and mugs….I have never won a thing in my life and I so hope I win this….I would put my full effort and use each and everyone in a unique way and for every day living so please pick me!!!

  8. The Sip & Straw Lids are the prize I’m most excited to win, although I love all the items in the giveaway. Thanks!

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