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While Jesse and I are recovering from our wonderful trip and jet lag, I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to stop by and share about some of their favorite travel memories. I love reading about where people have been, and of course seeing all of their pictures! Today’s post is yet another stateside adventure from one of my newest blog followers and friends, Anne of Wit, Wisdom and Food. She posts some delicious recipes and even more delicious design ideas! She’s talking about her time living in San Francisco and visiting cities in California! 


I grew up in Indiana and I certainly believed like the rest of the midwest that California is warm and sunny all the time. I moved to San Francisco though and it is not warm and sunny all the time. When I dream of getaways I still dream of warm and sunny California. Because it does exist you just have to go south. I recently went to San Diego for work which is always one of my favorite places to visit. With views like this from the hotel you would love it too.
I think there is something magical about the place. It always puts me in a good mood. I got married in San Diego so I might be a little biased. After I spent a few days doing work stuff I headed north on the train to Los Angeles to meet my husband. Taking the train to Los Angeles must be the most relaxing way to travel that part of southern California. No traffic, just a few stops on the train and the first part of the trip travels along the coast. photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5
As an added bonus for a decorating fanatic like myself the old train stations have some cool things to look at. photo6
If you are heading to Los Angeles there are few things that you will want to bring:
1. music and a way to connect in the rental car
2. gps or a phone that does it for you
3. patience
There is no way around the traffic so just embrace it as part of the experience. The amount of freeways is mind blowing and without GPS or a good co-pilot you will probably get on the wrong one at least once. If you just can’t imagine doing that then situate yourself close to the main things you want to do so you only have to drive short distances and mainly on surface streets. It can be done you just have to plan to see select things every visit.
I graduated high school the same time as Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, Steve and Donna.  So when I was in the 90210 I drove by the high school. The school they went to doesn’t really exist but I just couldn’t resist the trip down memory lane. Continuing that trip I totally went for a walk down Melrose because when you grew up in the 90’s you have to right? I also drove around Beverly Hills so I could see where the housewives hang out. I got a good look at Villa Blanca as I drove by.
I am a typical tourist to LA I want to see things I associate with tv shows or movies.  Melrose, Chinese Theatre, Sunset blvd, the Beverly Hills Hotel and the list goes on. I have driven by most of them at this point but haven’t gotten out of the car for many yet. I just like to see them to know they are real. This last trip I finally saw the Hollywood sign from a distance which was more exciting than it probably should have been since I wasn’t at all close to it, but in over a dozen trips to LA I hadn’t seen it yet. I just never made it to the right freeway to get a glimpse. photo7
I spend a decent amount of time in the Los Angeles area because my husband grew up there and we have a lot of family still there.  We head down two or three times a year. Every once in a while I get some free time to explore or we go out together to check something out near whatever hotel we stay in. I love how much there is to do in the Los Angeles area and what a variety you can find. Some of my favorites so far are:
Venice: the canals are fun to walk so you can check out all of the houses and you should experience the boardwalk though you really only need to do it once. photo8
Santa Monica Pier: The pier makes me feel like a little kid with the games and rides and of course funnel cake. Plus the view of the ocean from a pier can’t be beat.photo9
On future trips I really want to get to the Getty, the observatory, and closer to the Hollywood sign.
Do you have any favorite spots in Los Angeles?
Thanks so much for sharing all of these fun destinations Anne! Unfortunately, I’ve never been to the West Coast but I think we’re planning on making that our vacation destination for next year! I would love to visit all of these cities!

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  1. On My First Trip To LA I Figured I WouLd See The HollyWood Sign right Away. It’s Huge So That Only Makes Sense Right. We Actually Had To Try And See It From The City Then Drive Up The Mountain Some To Get Closer.

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