Bring It All Back

Hey there strangers! Long time no see, er blog. Before you read this post I will warn you that it’s not about much in particular. I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I miss it so much. I miss having a creative outlet. I miss chatting with my blog friends. I’ve definitely felt something has been missing from my life without the blog, but I’ve been unsure how to fit it back in. After you take a break from something for so long you adjust to life without it. Now that spring is coming, even though it doesn’t seem like it, I want to return to the things I love doing when it’s warm. Those things definitely include DIY and blogging! Jesse and I never finished the guest bathroom (one of the downfalls of having three bathrooms for two people), I’ve got some furniture I want to makeover, plus a thousand others that involve painting and being in the garage.

I also have some personal goals for the approaching spring. I’ve officially registered for my first 10k at the end of March and I’ve been making excellent progress with my personal training plan. It’s amazing how much better I feel now that I’ve been working on my fitness. I don’t give into excuses for not exercising half as much as I used to and I just feel better. I’ve been using working out as an excuse to not do house projects or blog, but the real goal is to create a balance between the two. I can’t have a well worked body and not use my mind to create things. I want to be well in body, mind and house. Haha, did you like the last one? My house has also suffered a little with my constant trips to the gym. I know that I can’t do it all, but it’s still all about balance. working on my fitness

Now for something a little more interesting, some pictures of what we’ve been up to lately! Of course Valentine’s Day wasn’t too long ago and Jesse and I celebrated by avoiding the crowds and staying in. We went to Fresh Market and bought filet mignon, asparagus and some strawberries for chocolate covered strawberries. We watched the Valentine’s Day episode of Modern Family after dinner and spent the evening on the couch. It was simple and utterly fantastic. Valentine's 2015

After the snowstorm that hit Richmond on Monday evening we had Tuesday off and spent most of the day at my parents’ house sledding in their backyard. There is a giant hill back there and it’s always a good time. sledding

Jesse and I also went to a couple of fun new restaurants here in Richmond over the past few weeks. Cooper’s Hawk is a nationwide chain that is a winery and a restaurant. It’s so awesome to be able to drive 30 minutes for a wine tasting instead of an hour to the mountains. Cooper's Hawk wine tasting

The Tin Pan is a new restaurant and listening room. We had the opportunity of going to their soft opening and listened to a fantastic performer while eating their delicious food, including this AMAZING red velvet fudge pie. Tin Pan Richmond,VA

As always, when I’m not on the blog you can still catch up on what I’m up to by checking out Instagram and Twitter. But hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here!


  1. i just love your take on life…. you have so much fun! and i was inspired and even went sledding a couple times with my kids yesterday. 🙂

  2. I hear you! I feel the same way! I have been trying to post here and there but life just gets too busy sometimes, even when I want to make the blog a priority. I love keeping up with your life and am happy to read whenever you post! I hope all is well! 🙂

  3. Great to read a newsy post from you. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been in the same boat. It’s been fun to see your social media posts though!

    We need to get you into some RVA metro wineries… of the non-chain variety! There’s Grayhaven, Cooper Vineyards, James River Cellars, Saude Creek, New Kent winery… just to name a few. The first two are only 15-ish minutes from my casa. 🙂

    Happy Monday!

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