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Boo Door Hanger – A Simple DIY Halloween Door Decoration

Make a simple and fun Boo door hanger for your front door at Halloween using a few paper mache letters, paint, glitter, and some ribbon.

Who else is ready for Halloween? Even though I have my own kids to take trick or treating, one of my favorite parts of the holiday is still passing out candy. I love to decorate the front porch with fun, not-so-scary decorations. We carve pumpkins every year and I put out my mason jar lanterns. I also love to hang a fun festive wreath. The bigger the wreath the better!

I created a door hanger that spells out the word “BOO” for a festive front door touch. It is a simple project that doesn’t take much time! So turn on a fun Halloween movie and make your own.

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Halloween door hanger

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Make Your Own “Boo” Door Hanger

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This DIY Halloween door decoration is incredibly simple to make. First, spray paint the paper mache letters with black spray paint. When spray painting paper mache, be sure to apply thin, even coats. Since these letters are made of paper they will get soggy if you heap on globs of wet paint. It may take up to three coats for full even coverage. Be sure to paint both sides of the letters! Hand painting the letters with craft paint is another option. It will take longer than spray paint though!

letter wreath

Once the spray paint is dry, apply a thin layer of glue to the front of the letters. Any kind of glue will work. Just be sure that it dries clear. For application, I recommend using a foam craft brush. Or skip the messy application and use a spray adhesive! Before the glue dries, sprinkle black glitter over the entire letter.

I love the look of using black glitter because the glitter is subtle against the black paint. It gives the letters just a little sparkle in the right light, but doesn’t steal the show. After the glue is dry, shake off all of the excess glitter. Now it’s time to assemble the Boo door hanger!

Don’t Waste the Glitter!

I don’t like to waste craft supplies, even something as inexpensive as glitter. I shake my glitter off into a large freezer bag to save for other projects. My kids love using glitter for art projects, but they can be so wasteful. I save the extra glitter from my projects for them to use!

Assembling the Halloween Door Hanger

Measure and cut 30″ of wide black ribbon to attach the letters to. For this project, the type of ribbon doesn’t really matter. It can be wired or unwired. However, it is important that the ribbon is at least 2″ wide. The wider ribbon has more surface area for the letters to attach to. It also keeps the wreath more stabilized when hanging.

Attach each letter to the ribbon with hot glue. I hot glued the ribbon to the letters wherever they touched. This kept the letters in place and well attached. Leave about 1″ of space between each letter. To keep the ribbon from looking unfinished I added a V-Cut to the bottom.

What’s a V-Cut?

A V-cut is an inverted V shape cut at the end of a ribbon. This cut helps keep the ribbon from fraying at the ends over time. It also gives the ribbon ends a more finished look. To cut a V at the end of the ribbon, start by folding the end of the ribbon in half. Then cut a 45-degree angle from the outside corner. When the ribbon is unfolded, there should be a perfect V-Cut at the bottom.

Attach a large Halloween-style bow to the top of the ribbon with the letters. I’m not very good at making large bows, so for the sake of my sanity buying one was much easier. I chose a ribbon with orange and black stripes, but one with pumpkins or purple stripes would also be fun for Halloween.

boo door hanger

Hang the “BOO” door hanger on your door using an over-the-door wreath hanger or Command hook. If you use a Command hook, be sure to clean your door especially well so it sticks! I find that using a bit of rubbing alcohol on the spot where the hook will be attached really helps it to stick.

boo door hanger

This door hanger is my favorite Halloween wreath that I’ve ever made. It’s so much fun!

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This post was originally published October 14, 2013 and republished September 10, 2021.


  1. So cute!
    This is the first year we’ll be getting trick or treaters. Our neighbor said that we probably won’t get a ton, but I’m hoping that’s not true and we get a ton!

  2. Such a cute wreath! I was so disappointed the first year we moved into our neighborhood. There was only one group of kids to stop by the entire night!

  3. That turned out super cute! I’ve never lived anywhere with trick or treaters. Now I’m pretty sure our house is too far back from the road. So I just leave the porch light off and eat my Halloween candy with my husband.

  4. awee how cute!

    i dont think we will have any trick or treaters this year. we live in the middle of no where…which is probably better because i usually eat half the candy myself anyways!!

  5. This turned out so cute! I actually have a BOO project this week to share, too! (Great minds, I tell you.)

    Hope you get those trick or treaters this year. If not, more candy for you.

  6. So cute!! Love how that turned out. (I also love all your little ghostie friends flying around it!)

  7. So cute! Your door is adorable!! :)

  8. This is so cute! I may try this :)

    I’m so excited for Halloween! This is our first halloween in our own house and our first time handing out candy, so there’s lots of decorations to be made!

  9. anne @ wit wisdom and food

    That is so cute. I love how it turned out. I am sure this will bring all the kids to your door.

  10. What an adorable idea! Love this.

  11. I love it! What a simple, clever way to decorate your door!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  12. Cute! I’m jealous… we don’t get any trick or treaters at our apartment building either. I always get a little candy just in case but Walker and I end up eating it!

  13. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    So cute! I hope you guys get some trick-or-treaters this year!

  14. This is seriously cute, creative, and I love the simplicity of it as well! I’m so excited to decorate my new house when we are finally moved in and I might just have to make this fun door hanger for one of the doors!

  15. Wow what an incredibly easy fall front door craft! This would be fun to make with kids too!

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