Body After Baby – My Postpartum Body

I was not mentally prepared for what my body after baby would look like. It’s one thing to see other people’s bodies postpartum, but another thing entirely to see yourself.

Being pregnant is rough. In my opinion, it’s worse than the actual labor and delivery part. First, you start off not being able to eat and living with your head in the toilet. Then you’re too tired to function. Then your belly grows to the size of a beach ball, but it weighs more like a bowling ball. You have elephant ankles, toes the size of sausages and you look like you were attacked by a tiny raptor. All of that really takes a toll on your body. But I didn’t realize how much until baby came out and I could really assess the changes. Postpartum body

My Body Before Pregnancy

Before I got pregnant I had a really good fitness run. I was going to the gym on a regular basis, running and working with a trainer. It showed me that I was capable of a lot more than I ever really thought that I could be. I even ran a 10k, which was something I NEVER thought I’d pull off or enjoy. Then, I pulled a muscle in my back and was laid up for a few weeks and then I lost a pregnancy.

The first thing to go was exercise and healthy habits. I started eating pizza every day and sitting on the couch every night with the ice cream carton in my lap. These new, poor habits meant that when I did get pregnant I was not as fit as I could have been. And I had even less motivation to exercise. So I didn’t. The only reason I didn’t gain a lot of weight while pregnant is because I was so sick at the beginning. I was only making up for lost calories and fat!

My Body After Baby

My body after baby caught me by surprise. Even though my weight gain was basically “all baby” my body did not simply go back to what it was. It was probably naive of me to think that it would. But I was shocked! I didn’t realize that none of my pre-pregnancy clothes would fit me. And I especially was not expecting to feel like the Saggy, Baggy Elephant when I looked in the mirror. I’ve been comforting myself with the fact that I did just have a baby, but it’s hard. body after baby

I don’t want to go spend money on new clothes when the clothes I have are perfectly fine. I’m tired of yoga pants and maternity leggings!

Trying to Bounce Back

So, with all of that being said, it’s time for me to get back to forming healthy habits again. I wont have access to the gym. But I can still do everything from home. I’m going to start running again with a program to ease myself back into it. I’m also starting a weight routine. The goal is to slowly building myself back up to 10-15 lb. weights.

And I’m going to change my eating habits. For me, the best way to do that is following rules similar to the Whole Life Challenge. I will spend 80 days on a fairly strict eating plan and then slowly reintegrate other foods in. This gets my body prepped for eating healthy, keeps my junk cravings down, and basically acts as a cleanse (but WAY less extreme). I will post bi-weekly (or monthly) updates, some of my workouts and recipe ideas.

I hope this body after baby post doesn’t come across as rude, self-degrading or negative in any way. I’m just thinking that other women out there have experienced what I’m going through, or are about to go through it themselves. I’m not a fitness model mom, I’m just an average lady. I want to show others that you can get fit and not look like a fitness model. That you can get fit without spending a ton of money on a pyramid scheme or gym membership. That you dont have to dedicate hours to working out every day. And that you can eat healthy but still have delicious food without that much more effort. And most importantly, that wine and chocolate should always still have a place in your life.

**I’m not a health or fitness professional. Please talk to your doctor before starting any kind of fitness routine or diet.**

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  1. Love this!! I too was not fully mentally prepared for what my body was going to look like or how I was really going to feel postpartum. While the weight came off fairly easily for me, everything about my body looked and felt different than before. It took me a LONG time to really accept this (we are talking probably 9+months) before I realized that in order to make a change I was going to have to make both physical and mental changes. Everything about life is different as a new mom! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and I can’t wait to follow along!

  2. I went through this horribly with my second. Maternity clothes for months until I said enough. I’m finally (with a 1yr old) comfortable with myself again and wearing regular clothes. Even finding a couple really old pieces I fit into. Love the program I’ve found and been using. The best thing I’ve learned is that to take care of the baby you need to take care if yourself too. So very true. Good luck!

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