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In just two short weeks I will be hopping on a plane and flying to Atlanta for Haven! I’ve wanted to go since the first Haven back in 2012 and am so excited to be making it happen this year! Even more exciting is that I get to meet (and room with) Jess from Little House. Big Heart! Jess was one of my first blog friends when I started this journey almost 3 years ago. After years of commenting on each others’ blogs and emailing we started talking on G-chat on a fairly regular basis and now we’re texters. A bloggy friendship is special because you have someone to talk blog/house stuff with that geeks out as much as you. Seriously so excited to have her as a roomie!

In addition to my Haven excitement, I’ve also been working on some things to make the blog better and easier to navigate for other bloggers that I might meet that want to go through past projects or check out my home tour. I moved my menu bar to the top of the page and my projects now have a nifty drop-down menu! I’ve been updating the different categories to include all of my project posts and am almost done. I also plan on updating our home tour this weekend, since I’ll be cleaning for our party anyway. Gotta take advantage of rare moments when the house is spotless!

Another thing that I needed for Haven was business cards! I got mine back in May, but realized I’d never blogged about them! They are pretty awesome. Attempts at Domestication business cardsThey were designed for me by a friend in exchange for lunch. Seriously. He’s awesome. He’s not really doing much design right now or I’d share is name. business cards frontThe front of the card has my logo, of course, and blog email address. Since I a circle in my logo and for most of my icons my friend thought that the circles in various colors would be a fun background that would still reflect my brand. business cards backFor the back we used a photo from my session with Marvelous Things Photography (who is an amazing photographer and you should check her out!) and layered my social media information over the picture. In my head shots I’m wearing a pink t-shirt (it’s my favorite shirt) so pink has become a bit of an accent color for the blog. My friend wanted to bring that pink out in the shirt and in my blog title. Also I know that my last name isn’t super top secret information, I used it here when I first started blogging and it’s been in pictures on several posts, but I still wanted to cover it up.

I’m seriously so excited for Haven and to meet a bunch of fabulous bloggers, and Jess! Plus I can’t wait to hand out these cards, because they are pretty freaking awesome!

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  1. I love them!!! I had such a debate when I got my business cards about putting my last name on them, because I try to keep it out of things as much as possible. I ended up going with just my last initial, which may not be the most professional thing ever, but made me feel a bit safer!

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