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Best Halloween Episodes of Shows on Disney Plus

An extensive list of all of the best Halloween episodes of shows on Disney Plus. Includes shows for adults, teens, kids, and preschoolers!

One of my favorite parts of Spooky Season is to curl up with a fun snack and watch a movie. But sometimes I’m not in the mood for a full movie and would rather watch a few Halloween episodes of a beloved show. Disney Plus has many great shows, and many of those shows also have dedicated Halloween episodes. So I made a list of all of the best Halloween episodes on Disney Plus.

Halloween episodes of shows on Disney Plus

This HUGE list includes scary shows and Halloween episodes for adults, like all of the Treehouse of Horror specials from The Simpsons. It also covers live-action shows for teens and kids, cartoons, and Disney Junior Halloween episodes. There is something for everyone!

Best Halloween Episodes For Adults

8 Simple Rules

  • Trick-or-Treehouse (Season 1, Episode 7) – Dad has a campout in the old treehouse.


  • The Prank King (Season 1, Episode 6) – Dre’s annual Halloween tradition is pranking, but the older kids don’t want to play.
  • Jacked o’ Lantern (Season 2, Episode 6) – Dre’s nieces and nephews come to the neighborhood to trick or treat.
  • The Purge (Season 3, Episode 5) – The neighborhood has a mischief night where petty crime is legal.
  • Scarred for Life (Season 5, Episode 3) – The twins don’t want to participate in the family Halloween costume and embarrass themselves at school.
  • Everybody Blames Raymond (Season 6, Episode 6) – The Johnsons can’t agree on a family Halloween costume.

Boy Meets World

  • Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf (Season 2, Episode 6) – Cory goes through teenage changes thinking something evil is happening.
  • And Then There Was Shawn (Season 5, Episode 17) – The friends fall victim to an attack one by one. *This is by far one of the most popular episodes of Boy Meets World*


  • Little Boy Boo (Season 3, Episode 5) – Robbie tells Baby a scary story about being attacked by a Wereman.
  • Monster Under the Bed (Season 4, Episode 1) – Baby refuses to go to sleep after watching a horror movie on TV.


  • The Rocky Horror Glee Show (Season 2, Episode 5) – Will decides to have the glee club perform “The Rocky Horror Show.”

Home Improvement

  • The Haunting of Taylor House (Season 2, Episode 6) – Tim turns the basement into a haunted house.
  • Crazy for You (Season 3, Episode 6) – Jill retaliates against Tim’s past Halloween pranks and he is scared.
  • Bewitched (Season 8, Episode 6) – At a Halloween party Tim encourages Wilson to break up with his girlfriend.

Lizzie McGuire

  • Night of the Day of the Dead (Season 1, Episode 24) – Kate disrespects Miranda’s artifacts from the Day of the Dead.

Once Upon a Time

  • The Doctor (S1, E5) – Regina struggles to not use magic to regain Henry’s trust.


  • All-New Halloween Spooktacular! (S1, E6) – Disturbances on Halloween separate Wanda from Vision, who looks into anomalous activity in Westview.

The Simpsons

  • Halloween of Horror (S27, E4) – The Simpsons go to a terrifying theme park. (This episode is separate from the Treehouse of Horror episodes.

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Treehouse of Horror Episodes of the Simpsons

  1. (S2, E3) – Tales of a haunted house, aliens, and a rendition of “The Raven.”
  2. (S3, E6) – Maggie uses a wish, Bart rules Springfield and Homer donates his brain to science.
  3. (S4, E5) – A doll comes alive and Lisa attempts to revive her dead cat.
  4. (S5, E5) – Vampire Burns invites the Simpsons for dinner and Bart sees a gremlin.
  5. (S6, E6) – Homer goes insane.
  6. (S7, E6) – Logos attacks Springfield and Groundskeeper Willie terrorizes children.
  7. (S8, E1) – Bart meets his win and aliens invade the 1996 election.
  8. (S9, E5) – Homer battles mutants and Marge is accused of being a witch.
  9. (S10, E4) – The family learns who fathered Maggie.
  10. (S11, E4) – Did the Simpsons kill Ned Flanders?
  11. (S12, E1) – The Simpsons live out Grimm’s fairy tales.
  12. (S13, E1) – Lisa and Bart are on a Harry Potter-like adventure.
  13. (S14, E1) – People become half-human/half-animal monstrosities.
  14. (S15, E1) – Professor Frink’s father is brought back from the dead.
  15. (S16, E1) – Lisa and Bart investigate murders in 1890s London.
  16. (S17, E4) – The Simpsons replace Bart with an artificial boy.
  17. (S18, E4) – Home becomes a huge Blob.
  18. (S19, E5) – Marge and Homer are professional assassins.
  19. (S20, E4) – Homer kills off celebrities and Lisa goes to a pumpkin patch.
  20. (S21, E4) – Moe’s microbrew has a vile ingredient.
  21. (S22, E4) – Lisa falls for a vampire
  22. (S23, E3) – A paralyzed Homer only communicates by passing gas.
  23. (S24, E2) – A search creates a black hole.
  24. (S25, E2) – The scariest Simpsons Halloween show yet, featuring an opening by Guillermo Del Toro.
  25. (S26, E4) – Bart goes to school in Hell.
  26. (S27, E5) – Sideshow Bob finally kills Bart.
  27. (S28, E4) – The 27th Treehouse of Horror and 600th episode of The Simpsons.
  28. (S29, E4) – Maggie is possessed.
  29. (S30, E4) – Grampa goes to a Jurassic Park-style senior home.
  30. (S31, E4) – A Simpsons-style parody of spooky favorites.
  31. (S32, E4) – A frightening look at the 2020 election.
  32. (S33, E3) – A spoof of “Parasite” and Bambi gets his revenge.

Creepy Shows for Halloween

My Ghost Story

A 2010 docuseries of 8 filmed ghost stories.

Ghost Hunters

2 Seasons, 24 total episodes available on Disney Plus

Celebrity Ghost Stories

(18 episodes available on Disney Plus) – Famous personalities share their real-life personal encounters with the paranormal.

Make a spooky treat, like this Halloween Snack Mix to enjoy with your family while watching the best Halloween episodes of shows on Disney Plus.

Best Live-Action Halloween Episodes For Kids

A.N.T Farm

  • mutANT farm (Season 1, Episode 14) – The ANTs are monsters and the older kids are regular humans.

Austin & Ally

  • Costumes & Courage (Season 2, Episode 1) – Austin is asked to perform at a Halloween costume party.
  • Horror Stories & Halloween Scares (Season 3, Episode 20) – A power outage leaves the friends trapped overnight.
  • Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories (Season 4, Episode 15) – A trip to New York inspires three spooky stories.

Best Friends Whenever

  • Cyd & Shelby’s Haunted Escape (Season 1, Episode 9) – Barry alters the girls’ powers so they can teleport.
  • Night of the Were-Diesel (Season 2, Episode 6) – Diesel gets into Barry’s wolf hormone experiment.


  • Halloweenvark (Season 1, Episode 12) – Paige and Frankie pitch a Halloween video to Liam.
  • Halloweenvark: Part Boo! (Season 2, Episode 12) – The power goes out at Vuuugle during a scary movie.
  • Halloweenvark: Part 3: Mali-Boo! (Season 3, Episode 7) – The gang forgets to buy candy for Halloween.

Dog with a Blog

  • Howloween (Season 2, Episode 3) – Avery wants to have the perfect haunted house.
  • Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning (Season 3, Episode 2) – The kids try to convince their parents the house is haunted.

Even Stevens

  • A Very Scary Story (Season 2, Episode 11) – The school kids turn into zombies without eyes.

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables

  • Beware the Fright Master! (Season 2, Episode 13) – An unknown entity haunts Gabby’s School.

Girl Meets World

  • Girl Meets World: Of Terror (Season 1, Episode 11) – Auggie hosts a night of scary stories on Halloween.
  • Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2 (Season 2, Episode 18) – Riley and Maya meet a ghost.
  • Girl Meets World: Of Terror 3 (Season 3, Episode 15) – What would it be like if Riley and Maya had never met?

Good Luck Charlie

  • Le Halloween (Season 3, Episode 16) – Amy dresses up like a Kangaroo for Halloween.
  • Fright Knight (Season 4, Episode 14) – Teddy and her friends go “Halloween caroling.”

Hannah Montana

  • Torn Between Two Hannahs (Season 1, Episode 17) – Miley’s cousin comes to visit for Halloween.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

  • Trick or Treat (Season 4, Episode 4) – Relationships are put to the test and secrets are revealed at Gina’s Halloween party.


  • A Doll’s Outhouse (Season 1, Episode 21) – Zuri refuses to sleep in her room after watching a scary movie.
  • Ghost Bummers (Season 3, Episode 1) – After not being invited to the building Halloween party, Jessie and the kids throw their own.
  • The Ghostess with the Mostest (Season 4, Episode 18) – Stuart warns the kids about a ghost.


  • The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse (Season 1, Episode 17) – Kevin investigates a haunted firehouse.

K.C. Undercover

  • All Howls Eve (Season 1, Episode 24) – K.C. and Marisa throw a Halloween party.

Kickin’ It

  • Boo Gi Nights (Season 1, Episode 12) – It’s Halloween and the Black Dragons are going to wreak havoc.
  • Invasion of the Ghost Pirates (Season 4, Episode 7) – Jack doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Lab Rats

  • The Haunting of Mission Creek High (Season 2, Episode 20) – Leo sets up a fake haunting to get back at his bully.

Liv and Maddie

  • Helgaween-A-Rooney (Season 2, Episode 3) – Maddie accidentally triggers a spell on Halloween.
  • Haunt-A-Rooney (Season 3, Episode 4) – Maddie and Millow try to scare Parker and Reggie.
  • Scare-A-Rooney (Season 4, Episode 3) – The boys learn their school doesn’t do Halloween.

Phil of the Future

  • Halloween (S1, E15) – Debbie Berwick turns into an evil Cyborg.

Raven’s Home

  • Creepin’ It Real (S3, E10) – A spooky new neighbor movies in on Halloween.


  • Nightmare on Paris Street (S1, E8) – The girls go to a very scary house at the block party.

Shake It Up!

  • Haunt It Up (S3, E25) – Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to stay the night in a haunted house.

Sonny With a Chance

  • A So Random Halloween Special (S2, E18) – Shaquille O’Neal hosts a Halloween special.

Stuck In the Middle

  • Stuck in a Merry Scary (S2, E18) – Harley hopes to prank Rachel on Halloween.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

  • Ghost of 613 (S1, E19) – Zack and Cody find out that there is a legendary haunted room in the hotel.
  • Arwinstein (S3, E12) – A monster-like robot Arwin crashes London’s Halloween party.

The Suite Life on Deck

  • The Ghost and Mr. Martin (S3, E10) – Strange paranormal things start happening to Zack.

Sydney to the Max

  • The Hunt for the Rad October (S3, E14) – The Amigas go to school dressed in Halloween costumes.

Tierra Incognita (A Horror Drama rated TV-PG)

Eric returns to Cape Qwert to solve the mystery of his parents’ disappearance.

The Villains of Valley View

  • Havoc-Ween (S1, E11) – Amy brings her body-snatching Grandma to a party.
  • The Haunted Jukebox (S2, E14) – Amy and Hartley are trapped in Monster Town.

Wizards of Waverly Place

  • Halloween (S3, E2) – The Russo family tries to create the scariest haunted house ever.

Best Animated Halloween Episodes for Kids

American Dragon Jake Long

  • The Halloween Bash (Season 1, Episode 17) – Jake throws a Halloween party.


  • The Shut-In! (Season 2, Episode 12) – Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with scary stories.

Big City Greens

  • Blood Moon (Season 1, Episode 15) – It’s Cricket’s first Halloween in the Big City!

The Emperor’s New School

  • The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween (Season 1, Episode 20) – Yzma sets out to destroy Kuzcoween.


  • Robo-Carp-Alypse/The Reemen/Dr. D, Ghost Hunter (Season 1, Episode 9) – Danny wishes Halloween was scarier.


  • Eye of the Beholder (Season 2, Episode 7) – The Gargoyles go out in public on Halloween.

The Ghost and Molly McGee

  • Frightmares on Main Street (Season 2, Episode 7) – Scratch invites real ghosts to a haunted house.

Goof Troop

  • Hallow-Weenies (Season 1, Episode 35) – Max and PJ go ghost-hunting.

Gravity Falls

  • Summerween (Season 1, Episode 12) – Gravity Falls’ version of Halloween in summer.
  • Scary-oke (Season 2, Episode 1) – The Pines throw a “Mystery Shack is Back” party.

Kick Buttowski

  • Kick or Treat / Dead Man’s Roller Coaster (Season 2, Episode 12 – Kick trick-or-treats at Mellowbrook’s creepiest house and finds a haunted fair.

Kim Possible

  • October 31st (Season 1, Episode 14) – Kim tells a white lie to avoid trick-or-treating with Ron.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series

  • Spooky (Season 1, Episode 5) – It’s Halloween and an experiment turns people’s worst fears into reality.

Milo Murphy’s Law

  • Milo Murphy’s Halloween Scream-A-Torium (S1, E20) – Zack spends his first Halloween with Milo.

Pepper Ann

  • A ‘tween Halloween / Mash Into Me (S2, E6) – Pepper Ann worries about going trick or treating.

Phineas and Furb

  • That’s the Spirit / The Curse of Candace (S3, E14) – The kids encounter a strange boy who is convinced his house is haunted.
  • Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror (S4, E18) – The characters star in three terrifying tales.
  • Druselsteinoween / Face Your Fear (S4, E19) – When Doof inherits a castle, Vanessa moves her Halloween party.

The Proud Family

  • A Hero for Halloween (S2, E2) – The Prouds discover their house may be haunted.


  • Terrifying Tales of Recess (S3, E34) – Butch tells the kids three scary Halloween stories.

The Replacements

  • Halloween Spirits (S1, E8) — Everyone on the block gets really into Halloween except for one family.

Little ones will love these Oreo Mummies as a Halloween treat!

Disney Junior Halloween Episodes

Doc McStuffins

  • Boo-Hoo to You! / It’s Glow Time (Season 1, Episode 23) – Doc helps a ghost toy to not be scared of Halloween.
  • Hallie Halloween / Don’t Fence Me In (Season 3, Episode 11) – While Trick or Treating, Hallie gets separated from the rest of the group.

Elena of Avalor *Dia de los Muertos Episodes*

  • A Day to Remember (Season 1, Episode 9) – Elena discovers she can see ghosts on Dia de los Muertos.
  • The Return of El Capitan (Season 2, Episode 18) – Elena helps Abuelo reconnect with the spirits of his old friends.
  • Flower of Light (Season 3, Episode 8) – Elena must save Dia de los Muertos!


  • Eurek-Or-Treat (Season 1, Episode 14) – Eureka’s costume is stolen.

Fancy Nancy

  • Nancy’s Costume Clash / Nancy’s Ghostly Halloween (Season 1, Episode 11) – Nancy won’t go to the Halloween party without an original costume and she sees a ghost.


  • The Not-So-Haunted House / Halloween Heroes (Season 1, Episode 5) – The Buds host a haunted house and stop a bandit.

Goldie & Bear

  • Witch Cat is Which? / Trick or Treat Trouble (Season 2, Episode 23) – Goldie and Bear cat sit and celebrate Halloween!

Handy Manny

  • Halloween / Squeeze’s Magic Show (Season 1, Episode 25) – A Halloween and Dia de los Muertos episode.

Henry Hugglemonster

  • Halloween Scramble / Scouts Night Out (Season 1, Episode 20) – Henry can’t wait for Halloween in Roarsville.
  • Huggleween Moon (Season 2, Episode 15) – Henry blasts the Hugglemonster house into outer space.

Imagination Movers

  • Big Pumpkin Problem (Season 1, Episode 18) – Dave uses his Incredible Grow Plant Food on Smitty’s pumpkin.
  • A Monster Problem (Season 2, Episode 6) – It’s Halloween, and Eddie, a huge monster, comes to the Movers.
  • Haunted Halloween (Season 3, Episode 9) – Warehouse Mouse is convinced he’s seen a ghost.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

  • Night of the Golden Pumpkin / Trick or Treasure (Season 1, Episode 22) – Jake sets off for the Pirate Pumpkin Patch to find the Golden Pumpkin.
  • Tricks, Treats, and Treasure! / Season of the Sea Witch (Season 2, Episode 15) – Captain Hook joins Jake and crew to “trick or treasure” on Never Land.
  • Pirate Ghost Story / Queen Izzy-bella (Season 3, Episode 19) – Jake helps Treasure Tooth search for his lost Golden Figurehead.
  • Jake the Wolf / Witch Hook (Season 3, Episode 20) – Jake becomes a wolf and Hook turns into a witch!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • Mickey’s Treat (S1, E17) – The Sensational Six must get to the Trick-or-Treat Tower for the big party.
  • Mickey’s Monster Musical (S5, E 7+8) – Mickey and Minnie meet Count Mikula in an old castle.

Little Einsteins

  • A Little Einsteins Halloween (Season 1, Episode 11) – The team and Rocket go trick-or-treating.

Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures

  • The Spooky Spook House (S1, E36) – Mickey decorates for Halloween.

Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers

  • The Haunted Hot Rod / Pete’s Ghostly Gala (S1, E20) – Mickey wants to meet a ghost and Pete hosts a Halloween party.
  • Goof Mansion / Doozy Night of Mystery (S2, E11) – They spend a night in a haunted mansion and go to a fancy dinner mystery.

Muppet Babies

  • Happy Hallowocka! / The Teeth-Chattering Tale of the Haunted Pancakes (S1, E15) – Fozzie tries to be spooky and Summer tells a Halloween story.
  • Oh My Gourd / Curse of the Wereanimal (S3, E24) – Kermit’s tiny pumpkin grows and Animal transforms.

Out of the Box

  • Trick or Treat (S2, E20) – It’s one of the most exciting, spooky days of the year.

P B & J Otter

  • A Hoohaw Halloween (S3, E25) – It’s Halloween in Hoohaw and the kids want to go trick-or-treating.

PJ Masks

  • Halloween Tricksters (S2, E19) – The PJ Masks must protect all the goodie bags.
  • Trick or Treat (S5, E22) – Orticia gets carried away by tricking.

Puppy Dog Pals

  • Return to the Pumpkin Patch / Howl-O-Ween (S1, E17) – The pugs go to a pumpkin patch and look for a costume.
  • Halloween Puppy Fashion Show Party / Full Moon Fever (S4, E14) – The pugs go all out for the Puppy Playcare Halloween costume party.
  • The Pumpkin King / The Elf Who Halloween’d (S5, E15) – A crown goes missing and the Elf comes to visit for Halloween.


  • Happy Howl-O-Ween / The House of Howls (S1, E14) – It’s a Pup Howl-O-Ween party and Tank braves a haunted house.

The Rocketeer

  • The Haunted House / The Halloween Heist (S1, E19) – Orsino tries to steal the rocket pack.

Rolie Polie Olie

  • The Legend of the Spookie Ookie (S2, E1) – It’s Spookie Ookie Day with the Polie family, featuring scary costumes and spooky tales.

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

  • The Great Halloween Robbery / The Ghost of the Scary Prairie (S2, E17) – Bandits hide the town’s candy and Peck tells a scary tale.

Sofia the First

  • Princess Butterfly (S1, E19) – Amber wants to win the Halloween costume contest.
  • Ghostly Gala (S2, E13) – Sofia tries to keep a ghost from scaring everyone at her Halloween party.
  • Too Cute to Spook (S4, E14) – Sofia invites Calista trick or treating with her friends.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends

  • Rocket Rhino! / Trick or TRACE-E (S1, E8) – Rhino steals a jet pack and Green Goblin steals TRACE-E.


  • Howloween Cat (S1, E22) – SuperKitties face their fear of the Howloween cat.

T.O.T.S: Tiny Ones Transport Service

  • A Spooky Delivery / Under One Roof (S2, E7) – JP is scared of Halloween.


  • Hauntleyween / Frankenflower (S1, E24) – It’s Halloween and Vee participates in an inventor fair.
  • Double Double Halloween Trouble / The Creepover (S3, E5) – A Halloween decision must be made and Vee hosts a “creepover.”

Halloween Shorts

Me & Mickey

  • Hot Diggity Halloween Tour (S1, E17) – Join Mickey on a tour of his Halloween decorations.
  • Mickey’s Halloween Routine (S1, E20) – Mickey shares his Halloween Routine with you.

Mickey Mouse

  • Ghoul Friend (S1, E10) – After his car breaks down, Mickey is chased by a ghost.

Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Nutty Tales

  • A Nutty Halloween (Season 2, Episode 9) – Chip and Dale carve a giant jack-o-lantern.

Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity-Dog Tales

  • Pluto’s Howl-A-Ween! (S1, E2) – Pluto inspires a spook-tacular costume.

Minnie’s BowToons

  • Tricky Treats (S3, E1) – Minnie’s famous “Sticky Tricky Treats” get ruined.

Camp Minnie (Minnie’s BowToons)

  • Camp Spooky (S1, E9) – Minnie and campers get a fright on Halloween night.

Minnie’s BowToons: Party Palace Pals

  • Minnie’s Halloween Spook-Tacular (S1, E18) – Minnie decorates for the Halloween Boo Bash.

Movies for Your Halloween Movie Night!

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