Best Camera Bag Ever

Ok, in all honesty I haven’t really owned many camera bags in my lifetime, BUT I am in love with the one from JoTotes that I purchased just before our vacation to Europe! My bag is the Allison in Mint, but there are many different styles and colors to choose from. It is cute, comfortable and has a ton of storage space, and it was less than $100.allisonmain_1_1024x1024

I feel like I really put this bag to the test on our vacation and I am so thrilled with it I just had to share with you guys. I used the bag as my carry-on for the plane and it held my camera body and one lens, plus my phone, passport, credit cards, money, camera charger, phone charger, spare batteries, headphones, and a ziplock baggie of lotion, hand sanitizer, and makeup. It was the perfect size for sliding under my seat and there was plenty of room for all of my stuff without cramming anything. (Technically the bag is for a camera body and two lenses, but I only wanted to take one lens and save room for other travel essentials.)

When we weren’t traveling I took a lot of the chargers and extra things out of the bag and carried the camera fully assembled. I love that the bag is deep enough to do that because it is SO much easier than having to reattach the lens every time you take your camera out.

The bag was also great for traveling in crowded places that are known for having a lot of pickpockets. I just kept the bag straps across my body and either in front of me or under my arm. There are two zipper compartments inside the bag so I kept my phone, ID and money in one of those and felt really secure. allisonmintinterior_1024x1024

But hands down the best part is how comfortable the bag was! I carried that thing around 75% of the trip for over 10 hrs. at a time and I never really felt burdened or uncomfortable. I even took it when we went hiking! Plus the cute design made me feel like less of a tourist when we were walking around and my camera was put away. Glasgow Necropolis Ashley

If you are in the market for a new camera bag, I’d definitely recommend one from JoTotes! They have a bunch of different styles and colors and the bag is such quality you can’t go wrong!

JoTotes didn’t pay more or give me anything for this post, I just really think they make quality products. All opinions are 100% my own.

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