Bellamy’s Birth Story

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We’ve been spending the past few weeks settling into life with our newest addition, Baby Bellamy! It was so nice to have Jesse home for awhile to help keep Mara entertained and the house in order. It’s left a lot more time for me to snuggle Bellamy, and to catch the occasional afternoon nap! Bellamy’s birth was about a million times less eventful than Mara’s birth, and there haven’t been any medical emergencies. In fact, it was kind of boring. Which, in my opinion, is the best kind of birth.

Bellamy’s Birth Story

Jesse and I headed to the hospital at the crack of dawn on a Tuesday morning for my scheduled induction. We decided, with my doctor, to do a scheduled induction for a variety of reasons. One, we make big-ish kids. Mara was almost 8 lbs. 2 weeks early, so we didn’t want to risk this baby being too big to birth. Two, I was in a ton of pain by the last few weeks of pregnancy. My sciatica was constant and I could barely walk around the house. It was miserable. Three, we wanted to have a plan in place for who would stay at our house with Mara while we were at the hospital. This was our first time leaving her overnight and we wanted to have everything prepped for our moms. And finally, I was induced with Mara and I am a creature of habit. I felt like I could know what to expect with an induction, which took away a lot of the anxiety that I was feeling about this birth.

Birth Story

I had been having extremely spaced out contractions for a few days before the induction and I was already about 3cm dilated. Once my doctor broke my water (around 7:30am) labor picked up right away. After an hour I was having steady contractions and had dilated another 2 cm. Since the morning is when my hospital does most of it’s inductions and c-sections, there was a waiting list for the epidurals. I got one around 10am, along with a dose of pitocin. I was able to take a little nap before I was woken up by contractions again. By noon my nurse was able to feel the baby’s head and it was time to get set up to push. I only had to push f0r 10 minutes before Bellamy was out!

This was soooo different from Mara. With her I was in labor for over 13 hours, through the night, and I pushed for over an hour. Also, with Mara my epidural had started to wear off by the time we got to the end of pushing. I felt all of the pressure of her coming out, not to mention the placenta delivery and all of my stitches. When they handed her to me I was super out of it and barely registered that I’d birthed a baby. With Bellamy, I was alert, ready, and I didn’t feel a damn thing. My doctor even had me reach down and feel her head as she was coming out (which I found to be super weird). I was downright euphoric when they handed her to me and I didn’t notice the placenta or the few stitches I needed. I didn’t even really care when she pooped all over me during our skin-to-skin time. #momlife¬†Birth Story

Bellamy came into the world screaming (again, opposite of Mara) and continued to do so for about 40 minutes, but once she settled down she was super quiet and snuggly. I felt pretty good after the delivery and after sending Jesse out for subs I sent him home to get Mara. She only stayed for about 20 minutes, but I was so glad to have seen her. I also was able to take a shower after a few hours (something I did not do with Mara) and have a few visitors. Jesse came back with Carrabba’s after taking Mara home and we were able to sleep. Jesse spent most of Wednesday afternoon and evening at home with Mara (he came back to stay overnight), so I was pretty much solo for a day. The nurses I had were amazing during this time, coming in to hand me the baby for feedings and taking care of diaper changes, so that my time out of bed was minimal. By Thursday I was up and ready to go home. We were discharged around noon and headed home.

Bringing Bellamy home and settling in has been refreshingly easy. Of course, Jesse and I are both exhausted. Me from middle of the night feedings, and him from keeping up with Mara and managing all of the cooking, cleaning and other chores. But Mara is obsessed with her baby sister and has been handling the transition extremely well. The only road bump we’ve had was with breastfeeding. Since it didn’t work out with Mara due to her surgery, I had a lot of anxiety about trying again. I worked with the lactation consultants at the hospital and things were going smoothly, but once we got home things were more stressful and more painful. After being home for 2 days, Bellamy started having crystals in her urine and throwing up stomach bile. This, of course, scared the shit out of us and gave us flashbacks to Mara’s illness. It turns out that Belle was just very dehydrated and was losing weight while waiting for my milk to come in. The pediatrician was very encouraging towards continuing to breastfeed, but I decided to transition to formula. It is the more familiar option, gives me the opportunity to rest more, allows Jesse some extra bonding time and provides us with peace of mind. She has been wetting diapers and gaining weight since the switch, which is the most important thing.

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