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Barbie Movies on Netflix for Kids

Join Barbie and her friends on magical adventures with these animated Barbie movies on Netflix! Enjoy the Barbie streaming series too!

With the release of Greta Gerwig’s live-action Barbie, the world experienced Barbie pandemonium. Which is saying a lot considering how popular Barbie already was! While Gerwig’s Barbie isn’t available for streaming yet, there are many other Barbie movies available.

There are several animated Barbie series and Barbie movies on Netflix. These movies feature Barbie, her family, and friends, on everyday adventures and magical ones. They are perfect for fans of Barbie of any age!

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Barbie Movies on Netflix

Netflix is home to a selection of animated movies about Barbie and her friends. They have magical adventures and learn important lessons about friendship. All of the movies are less than 90 minutes long, perfect for kids!

Barbie Princess Adventure

Barbie travels to a new kingdom under the invitation of the princess, Amelia. The princess and Barbie look almost identical, so they switch places to give Princess Amelia a break from royal life. An evil prince kidnaps Amelia and Barbie must save her.

Barbie: Dolphin Magic

Barbie and her sisters meet a mermaid while visiting Ken at his job in a marine life research facility. They must work with their new friend to rescue a rare gemstone dolphin.

Barbie Mermaid Power

Barbies “Brooklyn” and “Malibu,” plus Malibu’s sisters become mermaids to help their friend Isla (Barbie: Dolphin Magic) save her kingdom of Pacifica.

Barbie & Chelsea – The Lost Birthday

Barbie’s sister Chelsea thinks that everyone has forgotten her birthday. Chelsa goes out searching for a magical gemstone to grant her birthday wish.

Barbie: Big City Big Dreams

Barbie “Malibu” travels to New York to attend a show on Broadway. There she meets another Barbie Roberts. Barbie “Brooklyn” and Barbie “Malibu” become friends and learn to share the spotlight.

Barbie: Skipper and the Big Babysitting Adventure

Skipper experiences problems with her babysitting business, so she explores other job options. However, her childcare experience helps her along the way and reignites her passion for babysitting.

Barbie Series on Netflix

In addition to the selection of Barbie movies, Netflix also has several Barbie series. These series have one to three seasons currently. They

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

This series is a vlog-style series showcasing the daily adventures of Barbie, her family, and her friends in their Dreamhouse. There are three seasons, plus seasons 4 and 5 (called Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures – Go Team Roberts).

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures – Go, Team Roberts

A continuation of the initial Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures series. The first 5 episodes of the series feature Barbie and her family in Costa Rica. They are sequels to the Barbie Mermaid Power movie.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse

A series of shorts shot like a reality TV series. They include confessionals of the characters between scenes and satirical humor about the Barbie toy line.

Barbie: A Touch of Magic

“Malibu” and “Brooklyn” meet a horse with magical powers who leads them on a series of enchanting adventures.

Barbie: It Takes Two

This series is a sequel to Barbie: Big City Big Dreams. It follows Barbie “Malibu” and Barbie “Brooklyn” as they pursue their musical dreams. They also learn from each other’s families and cultures along the way.

Interactive Barbie Special Feature

Barbie: Epic Road Trip

Barbies goes on a cross-country adventure with her friends. Along the way, viewers choose how the story progresses. Several opportunities for decision-making immerse the audience in the story. Watch it multiple times to see how your decisions impact the story!

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