Baby Proofing is Taking Over My Life

Well, it’s official, Mara is on the move! She’s been crawling for a few weeks now, but not very quickly. Now she is a bullet! I can’t turn my back for 5 seconds before she has found something to get into. About three weeks ago she started pushing her toys up against the furniture so that she could more easily climb chairs and bookshelves. Yesterday, she discovered stairs and took her first steps. With her constant exploring and speed, it’s time we start baby proofing.

baby play pen
Regalo Super Wide Gate and Playard

When she first started crawling a purchased a large playpen from Amazon to keep her in while I went to the bathroom. Jesse and I are trying to break the habit of calling it “The Cage” so that no one calls Child Protective Services on us. For the most part she doesn’t mind it, especially because the bars are easy for her to pull up on and use for walking. She did figure out how to open the lock the other day, but kept opening the door on herself and couldn’t get out. Nothing a few zip ties can’t help though.

baby proofing
KidKushion X-Long Hearth Cushion

The large fireplace means that we definitely had to invest in foam bumpers. They aren’t my favorite thing, but for a space that large I didn’t really see another option. Now if only I could keep her from climbing onto the hearth and playing with the wood stove…

coffee table bumpers
Edge Protector and Corner Guards

We also put foam bumpers on the coffee table. Mara learned how to peel those off in a day though. We’ve secured them with Gorilla Glue for now, but we have plans to convert the coffee table into an upholstered ottoman sometime in the coming weeks. The glass top is definitely not conducive to a kid that loves to smash her toys on things and there is no point in investing in new furniture right now.

cabinet locks for baby proofing
Safety 1st Spring Release Latches

The things that are really annoying are the cabinet catches. I keep forgetting about them while I’m cooking or unloading the dishwasher. I know it will take time to get used to them and that they are WAY better than Mara crawling around emptying my cabinets while I’m trying to do stuff. We did put locks on the cabinets with cleaning chemicals and dangerous items, so that makes me rest a little easier.

I haven’t put up gates yet, because I have the cage play pen for when I leave the room, but I know I will need those before too long. We also still need to anchor a few pieces in her room. She never plays in her room, but with the way she likes to climb I’m thinking she will be climbing out of her crib in the next few months. I’m so thankful for such an adventurous and spunky girl, but man does she keep me up at night with worry.

Also, can someone come out with a line of baby proofing products that are adorable, yet affordable? All this foam is really cramping my style! Nate Berkus needs to get on this! He can expand his Target line! That’s where all the tired, stressed out, but still trying to keep it together, moms shop.

Alright, I’m off to wrap my child in foam padding…

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