Baby Proof Fireplace and More – Baby Proofing is Taking Over My Life

Creating a baby proof fireplace is important for keeping children safe in your home. Baby proofing gives parents peace of mind when it comes to safety at home. Here’s how we baby proofed our fireplace and cabinets!

While I was pregnant with my first child, I had a lot of thoughts about parenting. I thought I wouldn’t need to baby proof the house, that my child would eat all organic and sleep through the night. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was delusional. Some of those things did happen, most of the time. But I definitely baby proofed. A lot. Once my oldest started crawling it was time to invest in gates and foam bumpers galore! I couldn’t turn my back for 5 seconds before she found something to get into. She even started using her toys as stools to climb the furniture! So I embraced baby proofing and let it take over my life.

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Baby Proof Fireplace

Our home has a giant brick fireplace. It takes up over half of the wall in the living room. Naturally, brick and a newly mobile baby don’t mix. As soon as our daughter started crawling we ordered a giant foam bumper for the fireplace. The KidKushion X-Long Hearth Cushion is several inches wide, so it fully covers the fireplace edges. It comes with two large corner pieces and a roll over 80″ inches. Start by attaching the corners, then fill in the space between from the roll. I also had to use more of the roll to cover the sides of the fireplace.

Our daughter loved tearing up the foam bumper, so the adhesive that came with it was not enough. We used Gorilla Glue to attach the bumper to the fireplace permanently. While it wasn’t ideal, we had many close calls with both our children falling on the fireplace. The permanent attachment was worth it to keep them safe. If you have a fireplace with a raise hearth, you must baby proof the fireplace.

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Baby Proof Coffe Tables and TV Stands

We also put foam bumpers on the coffee table. My daughter also liked peeling those off.  We secured them with Gorilla Glue as well. Again, not an ideal option, but worth it. Our coffeetable is a DIY farmhouse table, so we didn’t feel bad gluing the bumpers. And boy have those bumpers saved us some trips to the doctor! Both of our children hit their heads or smashed their faces against the table edges quite often. We used the KidKushion Table Cushion bumpers. It comes with four corner pieces and 16 feet of bumper. It was plenty for our coffee table and any other edges in the living room.

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Baby Proof Cabinets

Another place full of dangers that needs baby proofing are cabinets. Our cabinets were full of pots and pans with glass lids, kitchen appliances and serving dishes. We installed the Safety 1st Spring-Loaded Cabinet and Drawer Latches to keep the kids out of the kitchen cabinets. While they were annoying at first, you get used to them pretty quickly. It was nice not having kids emptying the cabinets whenever my back was turned.

We also installed cabinet locks on the cabinet under the sinks in both the bathroom and kitchen. We store cleaning supplies in those cabinets and didn’t want to risk the kids getting into them. Baby proofing is all about working smarter, not harder.

cabinet locks for baby proofing

A Large Playpen Is a Baby Proofing Must

The very first purchase I made when my oldest started crawling was a giant play pen. I bought the large Regalo Adjustable Play Yard. The play pen took up about a quarter of our living room. But it was so necessary! I put the baby inside so I could use the restroom or make a quick plate of food without her getting into trouble. Later, my oldest would shut herself in the play pen with a special toy so her sister couldn’t get to her.

Now, can someone come out with a line of baby proofing products that are adorable, yet affordable? All this foam is really cramping my style! Nate Berkus needs to get on this! He can expand his Target line! That’s where all the tired, stressed out, but still trying to keep it together, moms shop.

Alright, I’m off to wrap my child in foam padding…

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