Homemade Pork Potstickers Recipe

Love potstickers? Try making fried pork potstickers at home! This potstickers recipe is simple but just as delicious as any restaurant!

As I’ve mentioned before Jesse and I love to have people over for dinner! We can’t wait to get a big dining room table so that we can have more than one couple at a time over one day. Usually, for these dinner parties, Jesse is the chef because he likes to impress with his dishes, like chocolate souffle, and I’m more of a soup kinda girl. One of our favorite things to serve our guests is Asian food. Jesse makes delicious chicken lettuce wraps (like the ones at PF Chang’s) and his latest endeavor has been into making potstickers (or fried dumplings). They are absolutely delicious and pretty easy to make if you aren’t afraid of frying things.

Pork Potstickers Recipe

First, start with your seasoned ground meat, this picture is ground turkey but we also love to use pork. The bad part about blogging one of Jesse’s recipes is that he isn’t exactly in measurements so all I know is that there is salt, pepper, garlic, and a bit of ginger in the mixture.

For the actual dumpling part, we buy these frozen dumpling skins at Kroger. They are usually near the frozen pie things.

Let the dough thaw until it is pliable and then tear it in half. 

They come in long rectangle pieces and what you really want is a square, so rip it and then put the two halves side by side and pinch them until you have a square. (Sorry the second photo is blurry, Jesse can’t hold still).

Fill the square with meat and fold it in half, pinching all the open ends together to make dumplings.

To cook the dumplings you’re first going to fry them until the bottoms start to brown, then you pour a little water into the hot pan and cover it. This will steam the dumplings the rest of the way through. 

And the results are these delicious beauties! They are so tasty and a big hit with all of our friends! 

I hope showing you guys all this food means somebody wants to come to Richmond soon 😉 What’s your favorite thing to serve at a dinner party?

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  1. 1) This makes me wish I still ate meat – they look so yummy!
    2) I’m going to try this with veggies.
    3) Joe and I will come over for dinner and play Settlers of Catan (which really means you’ll have to teach us the correct way because I’m positive we’re not completely following the rules).

  2. Yumm those look delicious! I love getting dumplings at Asian restaurants, but I’ve always been too intimidated to try them at home.

  3. Oh yum!!

    My fav thing to serve are Olives Fritte, which sound gross but they are SO good. Its an olive stuffed with Ricotta, coated in breadcrumbs, and panfried just until brown. Sometimes I make them just for Matt and I. Delish.

  4. I had something similiar to the pot stickers when I was in Japan but they call them gouza (you can buy them at the grocery).

    We have a perfect entertaining house now but we STILL don’t have a kitchen table. We keep saying we’ll go get one but we just haven’t made it out shopping yet!

  5. I had a can of soup for dinner last night. Seriously. I’m super jealous of the meals you guys make at home!

  6. Ohhh. Those look so good! I have never fried anything at home because I am afraid of burning myself, lol. I must get over my fear!
    I love PF Changs =)

  7. Yum! Kev and I make dumplings a lot! We always make extra and freeze half for a super fast dinner later. 🙂

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