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April 2020 Favorites

What a weird month April was! It feels like it flew by, but also lasted forever. Jesse and I celebrated 9 years of marriage with takeout at home, a bottle of wine and a Fast and Furious movie. Those movies typically come out in April, so we often go to the movies for our anniversary. It was our way of trying to make things seem normal. We had reservations to a nice French restaurant in the city, but those plans will have to wait for awhile. When I think about our anniversary it feels like it was ages ago, I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks. I’ve been coping with all this staying at home by doing more online shopping than I’ve ever done. I can be an impulse shopper in person, but I’ve always resisted the urge when it comes to buying things online. Not any more! And now my favorite stores and brands know and send me deals and sales. My personal budget hasn’t changed, but not going to Starbucks or out with friends means I have more money for shopping online. I’m trying to rein it in though so I can save up for things once stay-at-home is over (and my family feels comfortable going out).

april 2020 favorites

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april 2020 favorites

Winc Referral

Since I’m not going out for drinks or browsing the wine store right now, I decided to sign up for a wine subscription service. There are so many services out there, but I chose Winc. I chose that service because it includes 4 bottles a month, in a variety of blends, and you can skip months without completely cancelling your subscription. I also chose it because they were running a special for $20 off. Usually, it’s $50 per month. I got my first shipment this month and I really love the mystery of it. When I go out for drinks I get to try new wines, that’s part of the fun. This is like that, but from the comfort of my home. Four bottles is a lot for me in a short period of time, mostly because Jesse doesn’t usually drink wine. I plan on getting a shipment every 2-3 months instead of every month. It will keep it fun, save me money, and keep me from building up too much of a wine collection. This isn’t sponsored at all, I signed up and paid for Winc myself. Everyone that signs up does get a referral link though! If you use my code you get $22 off your first order, plus I get $15 off my next order! Here’s my referral link: 

april 2020 favorites


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was a beautifully written story about a mysterious circus that appears at night. There are two magicians involved in a challenge that pits their students against each other. This story follows two different timelines that are seemingly related, which was super confusing at first, but it becomes clearer as the story continues. Morgenstern was like an artist with words. The novel paints such a beautiful picture of the mysterious circus, it’s almost like you’re there experiencing the magic for yourself. I definitely recommend this book for your reading list!

april 2020 favorites


So, for the sake of privacy and being appropriate I wasn’t going to talk about bras on my blog, but screw it. This Aerie bralette has been one of the greatest purchases I’ve made while being stuck at home. It’s so comfortable! I can put it on and be dressed for the day, but still feel relaxed and, well, comfortable. I’m ordering more from them for my Mother’s Day gift. I’ve been a Victoria’s Secret girl for years, but their quality just doesn’t match the price anymore. Since I love this Aerie bralette so much (and my size has changed because babies), I’m making the switch to Aerie. I had to order like 6 different sizes, so we will see how things go!

april 2020 favorites

Tone It Up

I signed up for Tone It Up last month because they were running a promotion for 30 days free. I want to take advantage of all the time at home and form some good fitness habits, so I thought a subscription based program with a huge variety of options would be a great investment. I’m currently doing their Love Your Body plan, but they are launching a new plan soon called Summer Body that I may switch to later. The Tone It Up workouts have a little something for everyone. There are HIIT circuits, strength training, yoga and even meditation. I’m hoping to add running to my exercise routine soon too. I think it would pair very well with the strength training circuits.

april 2020 favorites


Some of my favorite movies growing up were the Disney Singalong Songs videos. I’ve always been into musicals and singing along to my favorite songs, so those movies were right up my alley. When I heard that Disney was doing a singalong special I was so excited for the opportunity to share some of the magic of a Disney singalong with my girls. We LOVED the special and all of the songs! I was even more excited when they put the special on Disney+ so we can watch it whenever we want. They covered songs from High School Musical, Moana, and the originals. They are doing another special on Mother’s Day, so mark your calendar!

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