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Adding Art Around the House

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s been a crazy week and I am so so happy the weekend is almost here! My husband is taking me on a surprise date tonight after work, so I’m literally just counting down the hours until the day is over. Which naturally means it’s going to be a long day ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I plan on getting some projects done around the house. We also have some prep for Passover, which is Monday, to finish up.

Since I’ve been so busy during the week I haven’t had a ton of time for projects, but I did finish hanging some art around the house recently. If you saw my living room makeover, then you already saw the black and white pictures that I hung over the new sectional.ย Living room sectionalEach of those photos was taken by either me or Jesse during our trip to Europe in the fall. We love having little reminders of our big adventure hanging up in the house. We definitely wont be going on a trip like that again until we are retired!ย living room artOn the back wall, above the sofa table, there is a picture of the Eiffel Tower at night and the entrance to the Necropolis in Glasgow. The Eiffel Tower picture makes us laugh because we were a little tipsy when we took it and had a hard time keeping the camera still enough for the long exposure.ย Paris and Glasgow photosAlong the side wall is a picture of one of the gargoyles on the top of Notre Dame overlooking Paris, Big Ben and a picture of the tree in Sycamore Gap in Northumberland Park. I specifically put the tree on the end so I could see it from my spot in the corner of the sectional. I’ve wanted to see that tree since I was a little girl, it was part of a scene from my favorite movie, and I still can’t believe I actually got to go.Paris London Tree photosIf you walk from the living room towards the kitchen there is an exposed brick wall that wraps around from our fireplace into the kitchen. For the longest time I had a piece of DIY watercolor art hanging there just to fill the space, but a few months ago my uncle made me a very sentimental piece of art to fill the space.ย Fox paintingFoxes are special to my mom’s side of the family because my Papa’s middle name was Foxx. I have a few other fox pieces around the house and they each serve as a little reminder of my Papa. It’s funny because my other grandfather used to collect owls, so I always try to have an owl or two out as well in honor of him. My uncle did a fabulous job and I love this piece so very much. The fox’s eyes are my favorite part, he looks so wily.ย Uncle's Fox paintingI purchased another piece of art for the exposed brick wall in our kitchen back in January from Onion Grove Mercantile. I thought one of her Locally Grown signs would be the perfect piece for a kitchen.ย Locally Grown signThe rustic look of the sign is perfect with the exposed brick and I chose grey and green for the sign colors to play off the colors in the dining room and the living room.ย Locally Grown sign on exposed brick wallAnd since we were talking about foxes earlier, I can’t help but show off my new K-Cup holder!ย Keurig stationWhen I spotted this fox cookie jar at Target a few weeks ago I immediately fell in love, but I didn’t have the money for him. Well a few days later he randomly appeared on my counter! Jesse had went back and got him for me! And now I think of my Papa every morning when I go to make a cup of coffee.

What kind of art do you like to hang in your house? Do you have a lot of sentimental pieces? Does anyone else have animals that remind you of family members, or am I just weird? Happy Friday!ย 


  1. good job jesse for going back to get the fox cookie jar! what a fun idea for storing k-cups!

  2. Jess @ Little House. Big Heart.

    Way to go Jesse! What a great hubs! I can’t wait to hear about your surprise date. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been crushing on that fox for a while! And I LOVE your photos… I so need to get some of mine printed and framed and hung.

  3. Aww… What a great hubby! He’s a keeper ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the europe photos, they look great!

  4. The living room looks fabulous! I really love the exposed brick and the pictures you chose to decorate it with!

    Have a great weekend and have a Happy Passover!

  5. Awww I love that you guys took the pictures over the couch! That is so cool. And that’s super sweet that Jesse went back and got the cookie jar! Alex did the same thing with a cookbook holder at world market! We’re lucky girls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Love it all, but especially Jen’s locally grown sign. My favorite.

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