6 Months Postpartum – Fitness Updates

Sharing my journey to get my body back in shape postpartum. At 6 months postpartum I took daily walks, ate healthier and ran.

I’m so happy that the weather has started to cool-off here in VA. I’ve been making it a point to take Mara out for a walk everyday, which seems to do both of us a lot of good. Speaking of doing a lot of good, it’s been a few months since I posted my original post-baby body photos. I didn’t actually start dieting and exercising regularly until about a month after I posted that. It was hard getting started. Really hard. I got kind of used to eating whatever I wanted to during pregnancy. Plus, being at home bored all day led to wanting to eat constantly. Now that I’m 5 weeks in and feeling good, I figured it was time to share a little update. postpartum-before-and-6-months-later

The most major changes are in my legs, hips and waist. I’ve got my curves back instead of everything being the same size. There is also a lot more definition on my belly. I certainly still have a pooch, but it shrank a bit. I can now button a few of my stretchier pre-baby pants, but I have to wear long flowing shirts to hide where the pooch either pushes out the top or makes a bulge below the waist.

Along with Mara and I’s daily walks, I’ve been running 3 days a week. I’m on week 5 of the Couch to 5k program. Once I get through the program I want to work on my speed and hopefully run a 5k in December. I really would like to run another 10k come April, so the running needs to stick around for that goal. I’ve also been doing some weight training, Pilates, and yoga. Mara weighs about 20 lbs. now and has been a little clingier, so I totally attribute that to the little bit of definition in my arms. 6-months-postpartum-progress

On the weekends Jesse and I take Mara together and I get some exercise and some family time. Jesse is great at being supportive and not bringing a lot of junk food into the house. He also encourages my running and hangs out with Mara so I can get them in alone. I don’t have a jogging stroller yet and I like the alone time. It’s amazing what 30 minutes to yourself can do!

The hardest part of all of this for me is definitely dieting. I’ve basically cut out foods like pasta, bread, white potatoes, dairy, sugar, and artificial stuff. I do allow myself a carby food of sorts each day or else I get too tired and my workouts suffer. My diet is on a points system with a weekly goal to lose less than 10 pts. a week. This means I can have my occasional fancy Starbucks drink or a slice of pizza. Little treats along the way make it easier to maintain healthier habits the majority of the time. I also get one glass of wine per week (unless I want to sacrifice a point) this really helps keep my calories in check. I also cut snacking because it was totally not needed and usually happened while Mara was sleeping and I was a little bored.

My diet ends in about 4 weeks, so I will have to pop back in around then for another update. Plus I need to figure out a slightly less constrictive meal system that will work for me to maintain my weight loss.

*Again, I’m not a professional health or fitness expert. Please talk with your doctor before beginning a fitness routine or diet*

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  1. I’ve been doing the Beachbody meal plan which is basically a container system instead of straight calorie counting. It is AMAZING because you aren’t really restricting what you eat in general but need to make sure the amount fits the container and you don’t go over each day. Breaks it down by carbs, proteins, health fats (avacado!), fruits and veggies. Would love you share more info with you if you’re interested. And the workout programs are pretty awesome too!!

  2. You look fantastic! It must be so exciting to be making progress and getting support from the hubs. While I’ve never been pregnant, I can see how starting to diet can be difficult because of cravings and staying at home. I’m sure you’ve heard of the trick but my favorite trick if I’m at home all day is to brush my teeth after meals – just thought to share.

  3. You look great Ashley!! It’s hard for me to stay consistent with exercise and I don’t have a little one to take care of! Nice work!

    I’m running the Tacky Lights 5k in December if you wanna join!! 🙂

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