2nd Baby Postpartum Body Goals

Time is such a funny thing. We all feel like we don’t have enough of it. I know I feel that way. I don’t have time to eat better, I don’t have the time (or energy) to exercise, etc. One of the biggest challenges that I’ve experienced during this second postpartum body journey is how unmotivated I’ve been to exercise, or cut out the extra sweets. I feel like I deserve a reward for surviving each day, and I very well may, but I didn’t feel like this with one kid. I was ready to bounce back as soon as possible. I kept such close track of my body after having Mara, but it was barely on my mind with Bellamy. I guess that’s what happens after the second kid. Life gets too busy and some worries and concerns just fall away. It’s not that I haven’t been paying attention to my body, it’s just that I didn’t care enough to change things.

A few weeks ago my old clothes started to fit, which has been amazing!  It’s really done wonders to boost my self-esteem. I lost the weight by cutting back on daily desserts and wine. That’s all! And it was easy enough to go without those things. Especially when I’m having a good day and not struggling with the blues. Now that my clothes fit and I’m really feeling myself again, I think it’s a great time to start exercising regularly again. I need some endorphins to help me through the crazy days! And maybe just a little dessert 😉

I really felt like keeping track of my postpartum journey via the blog really held me accountable with my first, so I want to give it (another) try with my second baby body journey. I posted once not long after B was born, but never posted again. I’m hoping to see some more muscle definition in the before and after shots this time rather than weight-loss. My big goal is really to feel stronger, boost my mood and prioritize my health.  Postpartum Body

When I lose weight the first place that I notice is my face and neck/clavicle area. I almost never notice a difference in my hips or “love handles” without some exercise. I’d love to slim those areas down so that there isn’t as much hanging over my pants, especially when I sit down. Postpartum Body
I think I need to include some squats in my exercise routine. That way I can use the peach emoji to describe my booty. #goals 😉 Postpartum Body

Going to physical therapy postpartum to treat my diastasis recti along with my hip problems really helped me heal my core. I feel like I definitely have less of a “pooch” this time around. Plus, I have a list of exercises and tools to help me continue to repair and strengthen my core. I probably will steer clear of crunches and other outer ab workouts for a few months, until I feel like I’ve truly strengthened my inner core.

Fitness Goals (for the next 3 months)

  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Jog 1x a week
  • Drink 65 oz. water a day
  • Cut down on sweets and wine during the week

You can find all of my posts regarding my postpartum body on the Motherhood page!

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  1. I definitely need to get back on track with my exercise goals. Z will two in a few weeks and I was doing so well for a while but my chronic illness issues definitely make exercising and sometimes even losing weight period- very hard. But it would be good to get back into it, providing that my body will cooperate.

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