25 Summer Activities for Preschoolers

This list of 25 summer activities for preschoolers is full of fun, educational, and mostly free ideas for enjoying the summer at home.

As the summer starts, many people think about how to fill their time. There are plenty of big “bucket list” type summer activities like visiting theme parks, going to the beach, or enjoying the pool. But those may not always be easy or affordable activities, especially for smaller kids.

This list of 25 summer activities for preschoolers is full of fun and *mostly* free ideas for enjoying summer at home!

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Free Summer Activities for Preschoolers

A fun summer doesn’t have to be expensive! These summer activities for preschoolers are free, with the exception of purchasing some supplies.

The idea is to enjoy time with the kids, making some fun summer memories. An added bonus is that many of these preschool summer activities can also be educational! What a great way to add a little learning into the fun!

1. Visit a local playground

Visiting a playground is probably a no-brainer, but it’s a free and easy summer activity. Try going right after breakfast to beat the heat!

2. Go on a hike

Check your local parks and recreation website for a list of local trails to enjoy.

3. Paint rocks

Young kids love to collect items on walks. Have them collect a few rocks and then bring them home to paint.

4. Visit, or build, a fairy garden

A fairy garden is a great way to add a little magic to the yard. Keep it inexpensive and only purchase a few decorative items, then create the rest using items from nature. *Bonus tip: Add the fairy once the kids have gone to bed and surprise them with it in the morning.

5. Run through the sprinklers

Nothing beats running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day!

6. Play with bubble foam

Bubble foam is made with water and bath soap mixed using a hand blender. The blender helps create a lot of bubbles for ultimate fun!

7. Draw with sidewalk chalk paint

Whip up a batch of sidewalk chalk paint with corn starch, food coloring and water! It’s a fun spin on traditional sidewalk chalk.

8. Have a picnic

Pack up lunch, or even breakfast, and enjoy it on a blanket in the yard or at the local park.

9. Create a nature journal

A nature journal is an excellent way for a preschooler to explore outside. They can collect items outside and then learn about them later as they add them to their journal.

10. Pick flowers

The flowers can be added to a nature journal, used to create a collage or just placed in a little water on the kitchen counter.

11. Build a fort

Build a fort, either inside or outside, and enjoy a special snack inside!

12. Have a pajamas and movies day

Pajamas and movies are excellent for rainy days spent inside, or if everyone just needs a break from adventuring. Here’s a list of my favorite shows and my favorite Disney movies for younger kids.

13. Create butterflies and go for a butterfly hunt

Craft clothespin butterflies and then go for a walk to try to find their butterfly friends.

14. Make homemade ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Add a little extra fun by making it at home! Plus, it makes for an excellent preschool math activity.

15. Splash in a baby pool

A small pool in the yard at home is an easy way to enjoy stress-free water play.

summer activities for young kids

16. Play “Sight Word” Hopscotch

Draw a hopscotch grid and instead of filling the boxes with numbers, use sight words instead! It’s a great way to practice reading skills while playing.

17. Create sun catchers

Use tissue paper to create beautiful sun catchers to hang in the window.

18. Eat Popsicle’s in the bathtub

After having fun outside, eating a Popsicle in the bath is a great way to cool off. Plus, it controls the mess!

19. Have story time outside

Take a few books outside and read together on a blanket in the yard.

20. Make a color hunt

Use colorful construction paper, color your own paper with markers, and make color cards. Then take the cards on a walk and try to match them with similar colored objects outside.

21. Go for a walk in a different neighborhood

Sometimes changing your environment can add a level of excitement to normal activity.

22. Make mud pies

Go outside after a rainstorm to splash in puddles and play in the mud.

23. Go on a treasure hunt

Hide “treasure” outside and have your preschooler search for it.

24. Have a mini “field day”

Create a version of a field day at home with games and obstacles for the kids to play.

25. Dance in the rain

Go outside and just dance in the rain.

summer activities for preschoolers

These 25 summer activities for preschoolers are a great way to add a little extra fun to your summer without spending a lot of extra money! What is your favorite summer activity to enjoy with your kids?

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  1. I realize that I am a full-grown adult and definitely not a preschooler… but this list makes me want to relive my childhood with the activities you shared!!! So many fun things to do during the summertime!

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