19 Weeks Pregnant Bumpdate

Sharing all of my symptoms. cravings, highs, and lows of being 19 weeks pregnant. Plus, an update on the baby’s size and gender predictions.

I’m really bad at this whole “getting back to blogging” thing. Honestly, I’ve been feeling much better! I have more energy, Jesse and I have been spending most weekends out of the house (even if I fall asleep as soon as we get home), and I’ve even been doing some seasonal decorating. All of that means that taking “bumpdate” photos is kind of on the back burner most weekends. I definitely don’t want to stop them though, not for you guys, but for me. I want to look back at how my belly is growing and how this pregnancy is progressing. That being said…

19 weeks

How far along? 19 Weeks
Baby Size: An heirloom tomato
Total weight gain/loss: I’ve gained 7 more lbs. in the past few weeks, and I’m definitely starting to feel “big.”
Maternity clothes? I went shopping last weekend and got a few more tops. My other tops dont really fit any more, so I’m running out of options.
Stretch marks? I’ve seen a few crop up recently. Yikes! But I’ve been using a cocoa butter cream so hopefully I wont get too many.
Sleep: Still using the preggo pillow and I usually get a solid 3-4 hrs. before I wake up and spend the rest of the night getting an hour or two here and there.
Best moment this week: Being able to eat several dishes with meat!
Miss Anything? I still miss my regular diet and eating veggies without gagging. I’m also starting to miss my pre-preggo body as I get bigger and have to slow down.
Movement: Maybe? I still can’t tell the difference between baby and gas or hunger. I really want to feel some movement!
Food cravings: Still loving Coke and pickles. Pizza is definitely my favorite thing right now though.
Gender prediction: Jesse and I both still think boy. We find out next week!
My energy has definitely been coming back. I feel better and better each weekend. Most people say they were back to normal by 20 weeks, which is Monday, so fingers crossed! Also, I’ve started building my registry and let me just say that it’s one of the most overwhelming things I’ve done!

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Try regular old coconut oil too for stretch marks. It helped mine fade faster and I’m finding with this pregnancies it’s helping keep them from look totally awful! And you’ll know those kicks 🙂 wait til Jesse can feel them too!!

    1. Thanks girl! I’m gonna have to try that! I found some more in a less prominent spot and they look awful! At least no one will see them but me and Jesse!

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