When I Grow Up…

… I wanna be a star, drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies. I know those aren’t really the words to the actual Pussycat Dolls’ song, but that’s what it sounds like… Anyway the girls from Eclectically Vintage, Thistlewood Farm, It All Started with Paint and The Space Between are having a bloggy party tomorrow and sharing how they want their blogs to grow and I decided to join them. With Jesse and I starting a new chapter in our lives and me really getting into this whole blogging thing, I felt like I needed to sit and reflect on what I want to really do with my little piece of the Internetz. I started my blog because I loved reading other peoples’ blogs and felt challenged (but in a good way) to really make my house more homey and to find a hobby that I enjoyed. This blog encourages me to think of new “artsy” and decorative things everyday and to inspire others, like so many of you have inspired me. So here it is, what I want my blog to be as “she” grows up or goals I have in general. 🙂

1. A source of realistic inspiration to others. I want other crafters, housewives and domestics out there to be able to look at my blog and the things I do and know that they can do them too. I’m not Superwoman, I can’t do it all, but I can sit on my butt watching Gossip Girl a little less. 

2. A hobby I enjoy. If that means taking a break every now and then or not filling my posts with all projects all the time, then that’s what I’ll do. I started this blog for me and for people who care enough to read about my boring life. It’s not worth it to try to be the next Young House Love and grow to hate what I’ve started. 

3. Meet some of bloggy friends so they can be real life friends. I know most of my readers, and bloggers I follow, are spread about the country, so this will be kinda difficult, but it could also be really fun. *Don’t think I’m a creeper for wanting to actually meet you one day. I promise I’m not a stalker.* 

4. Grow enough to make me a little money for when I quit working. I plan on being a stay-at-home mom when Jesse and I start to have children (2014 is the magic year we’re aiming for) so a little money from my ads and things would be nice. More money from the blog = more money for the blog. 

5. Get Jesse more involved in the blog. He already listens to me talk about it all the time and I’m always enlisting his help for projects or following him around with the camera, so why shouldn’t he be more included. This goal is already starting to be achieved because he is in the process of working on a post for next week!

What plans do you have for your blog? Join the party and let us know!

I want to apologize to everybody for all my willy-nilly posting and lack of reading your blogs lately. I have been given a bunch of new responsibilities at work (which is great) but it means I’ve lost a lot of my blog reading time. I’m making time in the evenings, but haven’t hammered out a schedule yet. Believe me when I say I miss reading your posts and hope to get caught up soon. I also promise next week there will be a house post for almost every day of the week, including one from Jesse!

Pictures from here, here and here.

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