Weekend in Wine Country

One of the best parts about living in Richmond is the location. Virginia is a gorgeous state with beaches, mountains, forests and all four seasons. It takes us 2 hours to get to the beach, 2.5 to get to Washington DC and 2 to get to the mountains. Two weeks ago Jesse and I decided to take a little drive up to Charlottesville to see the leaves changing in the mountains and to visit a few wineries. The drive up was gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as the views! Our first stop was Blenheim Vineyards, which is owned by Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band. It was $5 for a quick tasting of 5 different wines and the views were to die for! We bought a bottle of their Viognier, a sweet white wine made from Virginia grapes, it’s very crisp and refreshing. We decided to save the bottle and drink it as part of our Christmas Eve tradition, and then I’ll use it for decoration in the kitchen because I love the blue bottle and label design. 🙂 Our second stop of the day was Trump Winery, just down the road from Blenheim. Trump Winery is owned by Eric Trump, and yes he is son of the Donald! Apparently famous people like to have vineyards in Charlottesville! 😉 The wine tasting there cost $8, and the list was much more expansive that at Blenheim. We also had lunch here on the patio out back, and got to admire this amazing view! After a fabulous time wine tasting, we decided to check out this orchard, called Carter Mountain, that we’ve heard a lot of people rave about. The place was pretty crowded with people and families, but the views overlooking Charlottesville were again, amazing. Despite the crowds, we figured that we should embrace being at the orchard and pick some apples. Thus began Jesse’s hunt for the two perfect apples, with me stumbling along (after a few glasses of wine) taking pictures every few steps. 😉 Jesse did succeed in finding the perfect apples and we also looked for a few pumpkins (but we ended up buying ours at Walmart, more on that tomorrow!). Let me tell you those apples were absolutely delicious!We had a blast and plan on going back to Charlottesville in April for our anniversary, we’ll probably visit a few more vineyards, stay the night and do a bit more sightseeing in the city itself. If you ever find yourself in Virginia for a few days, I’d definitely recommend visiting Charlottesville! Especially if it’s in the fall!

What is your favorite fall destination? Have you had a chance to taste any apples? Or pick pumpkins yet this fall?

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