Walk-In Closet Makeover

The walk-in closet in our master bedroom was one of the huge selling factors when we bought our house back in 2012. It made me feel all sorts of fancy. Never mind the fact that when we moved in I did not have much of a wardrobe to fill it. As time went on, all that space started to feel nonexistent. I forgot about what a luxury a large closet was and became convinced that it just wasn’t big enough. I started letting the mess in my closet get more and more out of control, making it feel smaller and smaller. It’s amazing how a disorganized space can do that. 

A few weeks ago, Jesse finally snapped. I came home one evening after a mom’s night out to him building an organization system in the garage. For his side of the closet. He took a space that used to house one shelf, one rod for hanging clothes and floor space for shoes and turned it into a way better utilized closet system. In order to fit everything he wanted he moved the main shelf up about a foot. This made room for two rods for hanging clothes, so he didn’t lose any of that hanging space. Down the middle he built cubbies for his shoes. There’s seven cubbies which is plenty for him. He keeps his “lawn” shoes in the garage, sneakers are downstairs in the hall closet (he goes running before work during the week and dresses downstairs) and his snow boots are packed on the top shelf. That top shelf is mainly used for storing out of season clothes and accessories. The system also has two shelves for pants and a large space for a safe. walk-in closet his sideDIY closet organization system

Once Jesse’s side was finished, I started planning what I wanted for my side of the closet. I liked what he had, but larger scale. After all, I have more clothes, shoes and accessories. My plans included one hanging space for dresses and longer clothes, shelves for my shoes (with room to grow ;)), two more hanging spaces, plus the large shelf along the top for out of season storage. I also moved some of our extra bedding and linens into boxes up there to make more room for home stuff in the linen closet. I love having extra home decor things to switch things up every month or so, but storing all of that stuff is a pain. walk-in closet her sidecloset shoe organization

All of this left the back wall available for my jewelry and other accessories. I really wanted to do something fun, and a little out of my usual comfort zone, with this area. At first I thought about stenciling, but then I saw this amazing floral wallpaper from Graham & Brown and knew I had to have it. The pattern is Boheme in the Jade color scheme. It’s also available in black and white (my runner up favorite) and a more pink/coral option. This week is actually International Wallpaper Week and their wallpaper is 30% off! Graham & Brown also carries a variety of home decor items like pillows, clocks and frames. In an effort to be totally transparent, I will tell you that Jesse HATES the wallpaper. He thinks the floral pattern looks like “something from a retired grandma in Florida’s house.” Plus, he just hates wallpaper. But he knew that I liked it, so he got on board. master walk-in closet makeoverGraham & Brown Boheme Wallpaper

Since the wallpaper is so beautiful, I wanted to keep this area reserved for only beautiful things. My handbags are on display on the top shelf and all of my necklaces are hanging up where I can easily see it all. I even bought some jewelry display pieces for things like rings and bracelets. In fact, putting things on display like this actually helped me cut back and get rid of a lot of bags and jewelry I was never wearing. I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, so I’m on a purge and organize kick. Which isn’t exactly the Marie Kondo way, but you have to start somewhere! feminine closet spacecloset jewelry organization

The dresser/vanity is a great space to help display my things, plus it’s the perfect size for undergarments and non-pretty clothes. A large dresser used to live in here, but it became a pit where everything went to die. This piece is smaller, cuter and I love it. Originally I thought that a vanity would look great there, but it’s a closet. Which means no natural light and no electrical outlets. If I was really into makeup maybe I could justify hiring an electrician and setting that up, but I’m not. I put on makeup less than twice a week. It’s just not a big deal to me. And now that I have to wear glasses, they cover up my bags and dark circles!love my new closet

This new setup has made it so much easier to get dressed in the morning. All of my clothes are spread out and easily accessible, so I can see all of my options. I’ve even worn a few “nicer” clothes to run errands with Mara. And by nicer I mean not yoga pants and a Dashboard Confessional t-shirt. Plus, it just makes me happy. Funny how organization and colorful walls can do that to someone. I’d have to say this space is now a favorite of mine. It really feels amazing to embrace the more “daring” side of myself and go bolder in our home. Now that the master bathroom and closet are done and looking good, the master bedroom is definitely on my radar. Can’t wait to put that plan into action!

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