Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

I hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day weekend! We did a ton of yard work, grilling and party prep. We are now 5 days away from my sister’s graduation party. Initiate freak out phase. I was getting a head start on decorating this weekend by making tissue paper pom poms. tissue paper pom-pom tutorialMy sister asked for the decoration colors to be orange, pink and yellow, not her school colors, so I figured these bright, fun and cheap decorations would be perfect. Plus, they were super easy to make!

What you’ll need:
-Tissue paper (8-10 pieces per pom pom)

Start with 8-10 pieces of standard tissue paper. I bought all of mine at Target for $1 each package of paper, so all I had to do was open the package and lay out my paper. tissue paper pompom tutorial-step1Then you fold up your paper accordion style. It’s best to have a movie or something mindless playing in the background when working on this project. I watched 3 different movies while making mine.tissue paper pom pom foldOnce all of your paper is folded up, fold it in half to make a crease in the middle of the paper. Take a pair of scissors and snip each side. Don’t cut all the way through the paper, just make two slits. Then take your thread and tie it in a knot through the slits. attempts-at-domestication-pompom-tutorialAfter your paper is securely tied together you’ll want to round either edge of the paper. This helps your pom poms to look more flower-like and pretty. rounded tissue paper pompomsThen lay your pom pom down and fan out either side. tutorial for making tissue paper pom pomsThen it’s a simple as slowly pulling up each sheet of paper one at a time. Since there are 8 total pieces of paper I pulled up 4 sheets on one side and then flipped it over to pull up the other four. making tissue paper pom pomsBe careful not to tear the paper too much! These things are really delicate. tissue paper pom pomI absolutely love the color combination and they way they look hanging from the chandeliers in both the dining room and the living room. I also have plans to hang some in the trees outside, which I’ll be showing when I do my full decor post on Monday. 🙂tissue-paper-pom-pomsThese pom poms are so cute and fun! Have you ever made them before? How was your long weekend? Anyone do anything more fun than yard work and crafting?

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