The Great Christmas Card Exchange

Ok, maybe that title is a little too dramatic, but I am SO excited to mail off Christmas Cards to all my blog buddies this weekend! And of course to get some in return! I’ve always loved getting cards in the mail and I usually set them on display somewhere for a while to enjoy them, but I’ve got so many cards out already (more on that next week) I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the new ones!

Maybe I’ll do something like this?

It’s super festive and really fun, but I don’t really have any doorways in the main rooms downstairs and over the bathroom door would be weird…

I also really like this one. Plus it could double as a centerpiece in the middle of our giant table (next week, I promise). 

But more than likely I’ll probably do something like this:

I’ve got a giant blank wall in the living room that could use some Christmas cheer, plus this looks really affordable and I’ve already blown my Christmas decorations budget. Jesse, if you’re reading this dont be mad when you do the bills tonight… It’s for CHRISTMAS.

Do you do Christmas cards? How do you keep up with/display yours for the holidays?

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The Great Christmas Card Exchange — 17 Comments

  1. Some cool ideas! I hang a ribbon around the upper cabinet doors in the kitchen then clip cards to it. Right now they look silly cardless, but I think I kept them up till Spring last year once they were full.

  2. Those are some cute ideas! I don’t ever do Christmas cards and we usually only get a few of them that are photo ones so we usually just put them on the fridge for awhile. I bought my Christmas cards last night so I’m hoping to send out my bloggy ones this weekend too : )

  3. My cards are going in the mail today!! I’ll probably do the ribbon thing, too.

    Although to be perfectly honest they will probably sit in a pile while I avoid eye contact with them because I know they are judging me for not displaying them properly.

  4. I typically hang up a few strips of ribbon and double sided tape the cards to the ribbon. Simple and efficient. I had big plans to make a card holder this year, but that’s not happening. I think I’ll stick with the ribbon because I don’t have to store anything when it’s time to take down the cards.

  5. In our apartments, we had a pass-thru between the kitchen and family room, so I’d hang them on the little ledge there with tape.
    But I have no clue what to do with them in the new house! I guess it’ll depend on how many we get. It’s usually just a couple, so a big display would look a little silly. haha

    I’m hoping to send mine out this week some time. They’ve been sitting on the table judging me for not filling them out yet. haha

  6. We tend to put them on every available surface, but we keep them at the end of christmas and cut them up for gift tags for the following year. Your card is going in the post tomorrow…. hope it reaches you in time!! xox

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