Last week I shared with you guys my new-ish obsession with the color teal and a mood board for our living room that included this new favorite color (more on that here). And if you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen this picture where I revealed that I already have some teal and red on display in our living room and I LOVE the combination!

So much so that I bought some teal paint and got started on transforming our living room! Meet my grandmother’s old shadow box coffee table. It’s pretty beat up and outdated, but I remember it holding all of my grandfather’s old train stuff in their living room, so I’ll be hanging on to it for awhile. Plus the shadow box is pretty cool and definitely a conversation starter when we have guests. 

It was really easy to disassemble the table into manageable pieces and tape off the top wood piece that I wouldn’t be painting (I plan on staining that very dark to match the tv stand). Since the table was such a dark green it needed to be primed before I could paint it. I used Kilz Original Primer.

When painting the table I used a mini foam roller, a trick I learned about painting furniture from Young House Love. It worked like a charm and didn’t leave me with any brush strokes or unevenness, I did need two coats of get full coverage though. 

I brought the table in and set everything back inside last night and snapped these photos. Right now I have our wands from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a signed Dashboard Confessional cd case, an empty photo album that says Our Wedding Day, an elk head from the top of a Yager bottle (leftover from Jesse’s bachelor party), a copy of one of our wedding programs, a newlywed button from our Honeymoon to Disney World and a silver bowl with a few decorative rocks that belonged to my grandmother. (It was hard to get good pictures because it was sundown and the glass reflects everything).

I love the way the items in the box pop against the teal and how it makes it easier to see them all.

I keep a candle, wedding album, wedding picture and a set of Star Wars coasters on top of the coffee table everyday, so here’s what it’ll look like everyday. Ahh! I can’t get over how much I love the table!

Jesse hates teal and even he doesn’t mind the fun pop of color in our rather bland living room. So I’m one step closer to acheiving the look that I created in my living room mood board.

I’ll be taking some pictures of the living room, and updating our house tour, this weekend. I hope to have pictures and a post about it ready by next week.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Any exciting plans for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow? I know we’re probably going to be drinking margaritas and eating Mexican food! 🙂

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