Now that the holidays are over Jesse and I are attempting to get back into our healthier eating habits and stop eating so much crap. My favorite “healthier” food that we’ve been eating is sushi, which is super easy to make thanks to the sushi kit Jesse got for Christmas. 

Our favorite roll has always been the California roll, which is cucumber, carrot, avocado, and imitation crab meat. We didn’t have avocado the this particular night, so we just made the rolls with cucumber and carrot instead. The most time consuming part of the whole sushi making process is the rice. First, you have to cook the rice and then let the rice cool completely, so it takes about and hour. But aside from that it’s easy as spreading the rice thinly on the nori (seaweed) filling it with the ingredients for the roll, and rolling it up. We’ve already had sushi like 4 times since Christmas and have gone through all of the nori and sushi rice that come with the kit, but it’s actually very easy to find. We buy all of ours at Kroger in the Asian foods section for about $5 total, and it’s enough for several sushi rolls. The imitation crab is also very easy to find and inexpensive to buy. It’s in the seafood section of Kroger in a convenient snack pack for $1.50. We haven’t tried any other rolls with actual raw fish, but it’s definitely on our to do list! These California rolls are so delicious and so inexpensive to make, you seriously cannot beat them. And 1 roll is only 200 calories, so if you’re watching what you eat for your New Year’s resolution then sushi is definitely a delicious route to take! Do you like sushi? What’s your favorite roll? Aside from the California roll my favorite is Spicy Yellowtail.

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