Spring It Up

The weather has been such a tease lately here in Virginia! Over the weekend we had gorgeous, sunny weather with temps in the upper 60’s, it was absolute bliss! I even pulled out a maxi skirt to wear for the day on Sunday. And now we’re in the 30’s and it’s back to boots and coats. I’m just ready for warm Spring weather. I want our yard to come back to life, and most of all I want spray paint/project weather!cherry blossom tree

Since decorating my mantel with snowflakes worked so well in January (we got 3 snow days!) I figured brightening things up and decorating for Spring could possibly help move Mother Nature along. You know, because the weather is decided by what decorations I have on my mantel. I’m a kind of a big deal. Spring Mantel 2014I think I’ve got a growing obsession with birds. Every time I see little bird figurines I just HAVE to have them. Especially if the price is right. This little bird is from Garden Ridge and I snagged him for $2 last weekend. I think he goes great with the teal birdhouse I got at HomeGoods last spring, plus he’s adorable. Birdhouse spring mantelThe owl is another Home Goods find. He’s my second owl in the growing bird collection, but he isn’t as “fall-ish” (totally a word) as my other owl. Plus owls are special in my family. My grandfather had an owl collection in his barber shop, so it’s nice to have something up that makes me think of him. My other grandfather has an animal that makes me think of him too, which is kind of funny to me. I wonder if I will have a spirit animal to my own grandkids… Bird themed spring mantelThe candle in the center of the mantel is in a votive with wine corks. These corks are mostly saved from special events, from our engagement party to our anniversaries to our trip to Europe. I really should start writing dates and things on the corks so I remember each one a little better. Candle with sentimental wine corksI also decorated the trunk in our living room with a little spring vignette, though it wont be up for long because the this is where our new sectional will live in a few weeks! I haven’t decided where the trunk will live after the couch comes, but I’ll deal with that later! I think the poinsettia has bit the dust for the most part too, so I’m hoping to get some other type of plant to replace it soon. It’s nice to have a living plant in the house. Spring vignette 2014I still have our wedding photo out, because I like it, and because we got married in the spring. I’ve also really gotten into the whole teal and red thing for the spring. I’ve always wanted those to be the accent colors in the living room, but they don’t really work with our current couch. They will go great with the new couch though, so I’m excited to bring in more pillows and accessories in those colors in the near future. Teal and red accessoriesI seriously am SO excited to get our new furniture in this room! I already have most of what I want to do planned out and I’ll be making a trip to Ikea sometime in March to pick up a few finishing touches! It will be so nice to have the space where we spend the most time finished (for the most part) and really a reflection of me us and my our style.Spring 2014 mantelAre you ready for spring? Have you done any decorating for it yet?

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