Snail’s Pace

Have you ever started on a project that you thought would be super quick and easy and it ends up taking WAY longer than you expected? That’s been me with my Pinterest Challenge project. Remember this window that I got for free at my sister-in-law’s wedding? Well, I finally got to work on it on Sunday to create something like these amazing projects on Pinterest:


But it took way longer to clean this thing than I thought! I’m not sure how long the lady who gave it to me had it in her shed, but it was COATED in dirt, dust and cobwebs. After over an hour of scrubbing Sunday night I decided it would be easier to just wait until Monday and spray it with the hose, but it rained and I had a Bachlorette viewing party to get to ;), therefore this project was not completed in time for the Pinterest Challenge. Bummer!

So I sprayed it down on Tuesday and let it dry outside for awhile, then brought it back in to be cleaned, which still took awhile. Then I printed my pictures that I wanted to use and arranged them how I wanted and attached them with clear photo corners. The pictures I chose are of details from the wedding or distant shots. Since we already have a gallery wall in the master bedroom I didn’t want to overwhelm the room with pictures of people’s faces. Here it is all done, just not hung up. I bought a giant bracket to mount it on the wall but I want to make sure the placement is right where I want it before I drill that many holes in the wall haha. 

I’ll post more pictures of it hanging up when I get the placement right. :) How do you like it? And in the midst of all this I got coat 1 on the bathroom walls, it’s definitely going to need at least 2 more though…

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Snail’s Pace — 48 Comments

  1. Do we know about slow projects? Uh, yes. I have a shed that took me like a year to finish!! Sorry you missed the Pinterest Challenge, but that frame was worth the extra effort.. it looks awesome!! I’d be happy to hang that up anywhere in our place. We need to start hanging stuff up around here. We got nothing. :)

  2. Oh, I just love this! It’s simple and gorgeous. I have to find an old window now. Hopefully one not so dirty! 😉 Thanks for linking up to Gettin’ Krafty With It!

  3. I love it! I was at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore here recently and saw tons of old windows and thought they were so cool, but I couldn’t think what I could ever do with one. I have my answer now. :)
    I know what you mean about snail’s pace…. I’ve been working on painting our master bathroom for, oh, a month or so now. But I should be finished today! (I’ve said that before.) :)
    I’m also still working on a gallery wall for our wedding photos. I want to include lots of detail shots, too. I love the pictures you chose.

  4. Pretty much ALL my projects take me way longer to finish than I think they will – two years longer, in one case!

    Your window picture frame looks great :-) It’s such a nice way to display the collection of wedding photos. Make sure you get strong mounting hardware to hang that baby up!

  5. I love this window wall gallery, I just might have to do this too. And the pics you chose are great…moments…those are the best pictures to display, they evoke an emotion, a feeling, a memory…great job lady!

  6. I did the same thing in my bathroom and I so enjoy it! I am having trouble with the pictures staying STUCK to the window glass. What did you use for your pictures to stay mounted to the glass?

    • I used transparent photo corners, but I’m not dealing with any steam or heat in my bedroom. Is there a shower in that bathroom? If so it may be too steamy. If that’s the case you could probably super glue the corners to the glass?

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  8. Great refashion! and upcycle! I would love for you to link this up to The CSI project this week. The challenge is refashions/upcycles. This would be perfect and you just might WIN! Come on over each week for a new challenge, new tutorials and new judges.

  9. On Monday I am posting about a door that I transformed…your post was part of the inspiration! I will be sure to give you credit with a link back to your post :) It will prob. be up around 11 pm on Sunday :) Thanks for inspiring!!!!

    ~ Julie

  10. I love your re-purposed window. I have several old windows from my Mister’s growing up home. I hope to soon do something such as this with mine. I too have a board on Pinterest just for such ideas.

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