Roomie for Haven 2013

Last year I swore that I would keep up with the blog around Christmas time, especially since I didn’t have the flu this year, but I failed. In my defense, I was hosting my sister-in-law and her new husband the weekend before, and I worked a 12 hr. day on Friday (which I will get a post up about that for tomorrow!) and cooked a lot of food to share for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, also another excuse I worked on Christmas Eve too!


So with all those excuses I dont have a real post today, but for any of you bloggy buddies out there reading, does anyone wanna be my Haven roommate this summer? The conference is August 1-3 in Atlanta and last year it looked like a super awesome fun time. Tickets go on sale next week and I managed to scrape together enough Christmas cash, but I really don’t wanna buy a $225 ticket and then be screwed when it comes to paying for a hotel room.

So basically if you think I should go to Haven, you should go too and split the cost of a room with me 😉

Haven Conference

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Roomie for Haven 2013 — 9 Comments

  1. I thought I tweeted you today but I’m not seeing it now? Did it go through? Anyway, I was trying to say that last year there were lots of people looking for roommates so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble. You can probably easily find someone looking to pair up on the haven FB page. (I live in Atl or I’d volunteer!)

  2. I want to go… I need to double check with my husband first but I have secretly been planning to go ever since I missed this year’s Haven concert. I would definitely need a roomie and would love to finally meet you! Let me talk to him tonight and I’ll get back to you.

  3. I really want to go, but I just can’t swing to buy the ticket when they go on sale. I’m devastated. Ever since the conference happened last year I’ve been obsessing over going. :(
    I just wish we were given more notice to save up for it. Christmas just wiped out my extra funds. ugh.
    Fingers crossed that there will still be tickets available at the end of January, so I can have a better idea of how money is then! If I’m able to go, I’d totally room with you – so long as you could put up with my old-man-snoring. hahaha

    • I’m cutting it close too. I wont be able to buy mine until the 6th and it’ll wipe out all my funds. That’s really why I’m looking for a roommate first, I dont wanna pay and then have something fall through :\

  4. I wish I could be your Haven roommate! But with the cost of the ticket, flight, and hotel (plus the cost of school when I am only working part time) mean it is a no-go for me! :(

    You should be able to find someone! Good luck and so jealous you are going!

  5. Hey. I’m seriously considering going to Haven! Have you got on the waitlist for ticket yet? Have you found a roomie?

    There’s a blog conference in Dallas in March that’s $400. I was thinking that if I don’t go to that one (Blissdom), I could swing the plane ticket to Atlanta. AND if I had a roomie…

    Feel free to email or even Gchat me about it if you’re interested!!

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