Review of Cache District Sheets

This is not a sponsored post. I was provided a complimentary set of sheets from caché district for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

I think one of the most important spaces in a house is your bedroom. In order for you to be awesome at whatever it is you do during the day, you have to be able to unplug and recharge at night. A good night’s sleep is key to, well, everything. That means investing in things that are important to helping that sleep happen, like a good mattress, and comfy bedding. I recently received a new set of cozy sheets for our bedroom, which I think will go great with my “vision” for our upcoming bedroom renovationcache district sheets stripedcache district bedding

The sheets are from caché district, an online boutique that specializes in organic cotton linens. Their mission is to provide families with high quality, organic, cotton linens at a reasonable price. Caché district is family owned and based out of Richmond, VA. I was so excited to have the opportunity to test out their sheets for my home. I’ve never been huge on the “organic” train, but after having my daughter I have started to be more conscious of the things that I bring into our home. I’ve stopped using most chemical cleaners, started recycling and bringing my reusable bags to the grocery store. So, having sheets from a company that supplies linens for families trying to reduce the chemicals in their homes is awesome. cache district striped sheets

My sheets are orange striped, which is super fun and will go great with that future navy, velvet headboard. 😉 They are nice and thick, in a high quality way, not a you’ll get hot at night kind of way. Mine are 400 thread count with a sateen weave. I would recommend running them through the wash more than once when you first open the package just so they get nice and soft. textiles from cache district

Another thing I really love about these sheets is that they are larger than the standard queen size sheet. Jesse and I are forever fighting over the sheets and blankets at night. I love to bunch them up around my neck and face and I often end up stealing most of the blankets. There is so much extra sheet with these! I have more than enough for bunching and rolling and Jesse still gets to keep his. Win-win. Definitely something that will be great for our marriage as the weather gets cooler at night. No more middle of the night, should not have said that or kicked you to get the covers back, moments. cache district textiles

I also love that caché district is a local company. Richmond is such a fun, vibrant city full of amazing people. I personally know so many people who own their own businesses, or have very successful side hustles, and they are rocking it. Richmond’s small size and diverse culture makes for an excellent place to make entrepreneurial dreams come true. So I am happy to support a local business! Caché district is launching their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today! Please consider helping a local company by donating. Contributions to the campaign will be awarded with products. They are also offering special discounts on purchases of their products for the duration of the campaign. You can find more information about the campaign here.bedding from cache district


I’ve always been a huge fan of lounging in bed. I don’t get to enjoy it now as much as I used to, but when I get the chance I love curling up under the covers with a good book. A fun set of high quality sheets makes it even more enjoyable!

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