Pinterest Challenge – Upholstered Headboard

It’s that time again! Time for another Pinterest Challenge! Because let’s face it, we all need a little motivation to stop pinning and get to work. I was especially excited this year because one of my fave bloggers Michelle of Decor and the Dog is a host! That girl is hilarious and super crafty! winter-challengeRecently, Jesse came to me and said “I feel like our bedroom looks like a dorm. It’s so incomplete. We really need to get a headboard.” Then the clouds parted and the angels broke out in a hallelujah chorus, or maybe that was just me. Either way I was ecstatic  because he’s right, it’s very blah in there. master

So we are working on the master bedroom this month instead of the dining room, though I may still paint that too, and step one was making a headboard. At first I wanted to do something shabby chic with shutters, but Jesse vetoed anything “shabby $h*t.” Instead he wanted something “classy” like “one of those fabric headboards”, and I graciously said yes, you can build me one of those. 😉 And it came out pretty darn good. diy headboardJust look at these beautiful, sexy curves. Yes, I used the word sexy to describe a piece of furniture but if anything should be sexy it should be the bed, right? 😉diy upholstered headboard2nailhead trim headboardIt wasn’t really that hard to put together either. It just involved some cutting.sawing headboardSeveral hours of stapling.upholstering a headboardAnd 2 hours of hammering nailhead trim on your hands and knees. upholstery nailhead trimThe whole thing was a weekend project and the best news is it cost us less than $100! Woohoo! I used a few tutorials I found on Pinterest, but the one from Running From the Law was my favorite. I’ll be sharing my own full detail post on cutting, stapling, nailhead trimming and hanging tomorrow. Today is all about the eye candy. upholstered headboardnailhead trim upholstered headboardNow all we need are two matching nightstands, lamps, a mirror above the bed, and some art and this room will be about 80% complete. I’m also thinking about switching up the damask print comforter for something visually cleaner, and probably upholstered headboardI consider this one of my most successful Pinterest Challenges yet! Click a link to see some of my past challenge projects involving a globe, an old window turned picture frame, and watercolor paints.

Did you participate in the challenge this year? What did you come up with? To see other great projects visit the link parties at either Young House Love, Bower Power, Decor and the Dog or The Remodeled Life.

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