Pink and Gold Nursery

So I guess now that my baby is 3 months old it’s about time I show off her nursery! If you don’t like the color pink, I would recommend skipping this post.

I’ve been trying for years to convince Jesse to let me paint something in our house pink, but he always says no. Well, when I found out we were having a baby girl I put my foot down and told him that our little girl was going to have the pinkest, girliest room possible. Lucky for me Jesse is a smart man and he knew better than to argue with the crazy pregnant lady. Thus, the mission to make the girliest little nursery began!

We decided that the nursery would be in the room that was Jesse’s man cave. There were several reasons for this, the first being the room is closer to our bedroom. That seems like a given for the nursery of your first born child. I’m sure by kid number 3 it won’t matter as much to me. Also, the room is the smallest bedroom in the house. This allowed us to move Jesse’s desk, computer and guitars from that room into the guest bedroom (which is bigger) without overcrowding it. Combining his office with the guest room also means we still have a place for guests to sleep. It also means that on nights where Mara is fussy or snoring (she does that sometimes) Jesse can go sleep in that room. He’s a super light sleeper and he can’t nap at work, so it’s been a lifesaver having the extra bed! This also meant that I got to give the guest room a facelift too. Don’t you like how I snuck that in there? 😉 But more on that later, back to the nursery!

I knew from the beginning that I wanted pink walls and white furniture. I know the white furniture is kind of cliche, but with all the dark wood trim and doors in our house I could not handle more stained pieces in our tiny space. I also knew all along that gold would be a great accent color for pink. Plus throw in a little glitter and you are set. IMG_2902

Her crib is the Bennington Belle 4-in-1 convertible crib. I think the style is very classic, which will make it easy to grow with Mara, or to be used for future siblings. I used wooden letters from the craft store to spell out her name above the crib. I used some gold acrylic paint on the edges of the letters to make them standout from the wall a bit.Pink and gold nursery

The blanket was actually mine that a dear family friend made for me when I was born. Each of my siblings have one too.sentimental-nursery

The bear was Jesse’s when he was a boy, so we both got to bring some sentiment into her room.sentimental-family-baby-items

In the corner we have the awesome girly R2-D2 diaper cake that my cousin made for one of my

That shower is also where I got all of the little Star Wars plush toys. star-wars-nursery-decor

I ordered the print on the wall from Shutterfly and customized it with a quote and Bible verse. The print is of Paris because she LOVES to stare at the pictures of Paris that are downstairs in the living room and the words just reflect my heart. We tried so hard to get pregnant and suffered so much loss on the journey to have her, she really is an answer to prayer and a dream come true.Paris-nursery

I love the curtains in this room because they remind me of Belle’s dress in Beauty and the Beast, except in white instead of yellow. I opted not to hem them because I like the way they pool on the ground. But if they become a problem I can always bustle hem them later.princess-nursery

The glider was an awesome steal from Babies R Us. It was on clearance because the model was being discontinued and all that was left in our area was the floor model. They gave us an extra discount for buying the floor model, and then another discount because the sales manager thought she had broken the chair while bringing it to the front of the store (there was only a loose screw, which we fixed at home). Then she sold us the footstool for only $20. After everything was said and done our total was $150, and we had gift cards that covered it all. Like I said, it was a steal!pink-gold-nursery

The sweet purple blanket was a gift from my college roommate, who is now known as Auntie Linds. I hope Mara treasures it the same way I treasure the pink blanket that was made for me.owl-nursery-decor

The owl pillow was a purchase from Target and the stuffed owl was a Christmas present. In addition to being super girly, Mara’s nursery has a subtle owl theme.owl-nursery

This is because my Grandpa, who passed away a few years ago collected owls. I’ve talked on the blog before about “spirit animals” that I have for family members that have passed. When I got pregnant I decided that I really wanted each of my kids to have the same spirit animal as one of these special family members. Because there are so many cute and feminine owls out there making Mara’s animal the owl was kind of a

I made the wreath on the door for one of my showers. The shower was at my house, so I couldn’t resist crafting a bit for it. It hung on the front door from the time of the shower until after we brought Mara home.its-a-girl-wreath

The dresser in here is a standard, white Graco dresser. It’s not the highest quality, so we will probably buy her a different dresser that can withstand the abuse of a small child as she gets older. Then we can just continue to reuse this one in nurseries and then pass it on, sell it or donate it in a few years.Pink-gold-girl-nursery

The pictures above the dresser were HomeGoods finds that I just couldn’t resist because princesses and glitter. I wanted some Disney princess things in her room but I didn’t want to overdo it. These little canvases are the perfect touch and after I got home I realized that Aurora, Belle and Cinderella make the acronym ABC. Yay for the alphabet being snuck in there! I may add more princesses to the collection over time because I have seen Snow White and Elsa before. If I ever see Merida or Mulan I won’t waste anytime scooping them up! A girl needs some badass warrior princess role models!pink-gold-princess-nursery

I know people have mixed feelings about the diaper genie, but I LOVE it. I empty it once a week and her room never smells like dirty diapers. It’s seriously the best! diaper-genie

All of these headbands were lovingly made at a shower that my friends threw for me. Instead of playing games everyone made Mara little headbands. I love that they are all cute and original, but also made with love by my friends. baby-girl-hairbands

The icing on the cake for this room are definitely the polka dots on the ceiling. They are 4” vinyl decals that Jesse just stuck on the ceiling at random. I supervised by pointing out where I wanted dots to go. They are so fun and aren’t strictly “baby” so they can stay up there for quite awhile. Plus, now that Mara’s eyes are developing more she loves to stare at them. Win. Win.

Her room is such a little girlie oasis. I love rocking Mara in here every night and watching her smile at things on the walls in the mornings. Now my fingers are just crossed she doesn’t decide she hates the color pink anytime soon!

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