Passing It On

Yesterday was quite the interesting day. I had this post ready to go before I left for work in the morning, but forgot to click save and lost everything :\ So sorry I was missing yesterday, but I’m back! 

Last week I shared with you guys about Karah and the Pass It On Project. She got a great idea to spread a little bloggy love and send some homemade gifts to other bloggers and encourage them to do the same. It made my day when I got this picture frame, and picture of the tropical island she lives on, in the mail from Karah! 

So I picked 2 bloggers to share the love with too! Erin @ His & Hers and Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno! These girls do awesome things and are beyond awesome, so basically start reading their blogs if you dont already!

I wanted to make something personal, but not “I spent several hours going through your blog and Facebook to get to know you better” personal (because that would just be creepy…) and it was actually really hard to think of something! Inspiration didn’t strike until I stumbled across a big display of cardboard letters at Joann while I was shopping for paint supplies for my chair project. I figured that the first letter of their last names all prettied up was both personal and generic enough to be cute and not creepy. I even picked up an R for myself! (More on what I did with my letter next week) 

I dry brushed some paint on the letters first, blue for Erin and aqua for Gabbi! (Her house is covered in aqua accents and is to die for!) 

Then I cut up some fun scrapbook paper that I had and modgepodged the pieces all over the letters. Ta da! It only took a few hours total (including drying time) and they came out super cute! 

I mailed the gifts on Friday, so hopefully they should have gotten them yesterday (hence why this was supposed to be yesterday’s post…) and hopefully they brighten their day as much as Karah brightened mine with her gift. 🙂

How about you? Is there a friend or blogger out there you could share the love with? Make them a gift and tell them to Pass It On! And make sure you blog about it so Karah and I can follow along with the journey from start to finish! 🙂 

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